Want Special Valentine's Day Card? Check iGreetingCard Lite Now

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[prMac.com] Based in Hong Kong - Softease announces iGreetingCard Lite 1.1 for Mac. Valentine's Day 2012 would be different and special? Sweeties always have a special dream for that. In fact, totally depending on what sweethearts will do. Anyway, no matter what would be done, a piece of Valentine's Day card is essential! Why not to do something different for the Valentine's Day 2012 and start from making a piece of special Valentine's Day card?

For how to make a special Valentine's Day card, the pivotal work is to make sure the Valentine's Day card is made in innovative ways differing from traditional ways. iGreetingCard Lite is the right application that comes to make special Valentine's Day Cards.

What's iGreetingCard Lite? iGreetingCard Lite is a cute and unique ecards making application to help its users to create special and charming Valentine's Day cards in personal and sweet touch. It's developed by softease Technology recently to welcome and celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day 2012.

Why does iGreetingCard Lite work? As an innovative ecards maker, iGreetingCard Lite is designed in a totally new perspective to ensure a creative and comfortable ecards making experience and, also in essence, to bring unparalleled feelings to those who received the Valentine's Day ecard. Basically, ecards is a new touch compared to traditional paper cards. Furthermore, ecards can display many fantastic special effects and features that paper cards cannot do. iGreetingCard Lite, as a top of the best, brings these advantages into a further stage and ensure truly special and fascinating Valentine's Day cards.

With iGreetingCard Lite, sweethearts can make particular and fabulous cards for Valentine's Day 2012 in meaningful personalized touch, just following a few simple steps. To make special Valentine's Day cards start from choosing a special card frame. There are more than 10 attractive and unique frames are available on iGreetingCard Lite, users can choose their favorite frame and redesign the frame freely. Of course multi frames is works pretty well.

The following work of making a special Valentine's Day card would be importing a couple sweet photos directly from iPhoto Library and then customizing the card with special features as charming as possible. Totally depends on the creator's preference and tastes. Mask effect to beautify photos, and sweet words and heartfelt words are definitely make the Valentine's card particular beautiful and bring smiles on recipient's face.

When the Valentine's Day card is done, sweethearts can choose to send it to the valentine directly via built-in Email function in iGreetigCard Lite, or share with sweeties on Facebook and other social sites, even print it out directly and then send the card in person. iGreeingCard Lite is the beginning to do special Valentine's Day cards, but also, is the pivotal part to ensure the card in personalized touch.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* 64-bit processor
* 17.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iGreetingCard Lite 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Graphics & Design category.

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