Transforming Apple Magic Trackpad, Voila - Magic FrogPad Keyboard/Mouse

February 9, 2012 in Accessories (E)

[] Houston, Texas - Magic FrogPad becomes available to Mac users. The Magic FrogPad transforms the Apple Magic Trackpad into a keyboard and Numeric keypad and keeps the functionality of the mouse.

"What if you had a new way to interface with your Mac, your Tablet or any Multi Touch Surface? FrogPad is transforming the way you think about interacting with your latest Multi Touch technologies" said FrogPad president Linda Marroquin. FrogPad's one handed user interface is easy to use, lets mobile workers be more flexible, and improves efficiencies and safety in many environments.

FrogPad's move into the tablet space is nothing new. FrogPad interface is a first mover in the "tablet" space. Since its inception, the FrogPad, inherently a one-handed keyboard interface designed to make mobile easier, is squarely focused on the mobility space. Its unique keyboard design takes less space, and requires only one handed use. Tutorials can be found on YouTube, its website and through fun games FrogPad has developed to make learning the new interface fun. Followers from around the world see the value of this new MultiTouch user interface. Globally, FrogPad has been critically acclaimed, and is considered a most successful alternative user interface for all languages and character sets.

"I want people to imagine a world without the QWERTY keyboard, which was developed long before mobile computers were even imagined. The multi-touch capabilities we are releasing with Magic FrogPad transforms the way people develop information. Try it. Talk about it. Challenge it. And tell us what you think," says Marroquin. We offer an Apple Magic Trackpad as our Gift.

"The phone calls and emails that I receive from people around the world are truly inspirational. Whether it is, a technology enthusiast who raves about the ease of using the FrogPad interface with their tablets, or veterans who have lost the use of a hand, our base of users are passionate and dedicated to our platform," says Linda Marroquin. The stories users share move Linda Marroquin to make sure FrogPad continues to be available to everyone.

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