360Works Debuts FileMaker Plug-In Bundle "360Works Portfolio License"

December 19, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[prMac.com] Atlanta, Georgia - 360Works, a leading FileMaker product developer and innovator, today announced the launch of its 360Works Portfolio License, a comprehensive product bundle that includes all the company's most popular plug-ins and tools. The 360Works Portfolio License is available for immediate purchase at the company's website for $1,995 (USD) and entitles license holders to enterprise versions of all of the company's current products, including the popular SuperContainer.

The enterprise license allows unlimited use within a single organization, regardless of the number of users and locations, and includes deployment on FileMaker Server and through Web Publishing. Active 360Works Portfolio License holders will receive enterprise versions of new products and paid upgrades released up to a year after the initial 360Works Portfolio License purchase. The license can be renewed for an annual cost of $995 (USD) to keep receiving new and upgraded products after the first year. All of the products received during the 360Works Portfolio License subscription do not expire, regardless of whether the initial license is renewed.

As an added benefit, existing customers can apply up to $1,600 of past product purchases towards a 360Works Portfolio License by entering existing registration keys on the company's online checkout page. Each license holder is offered an exclusive preview of 360Works' unreleased and upcoming products. Once these products officially ship, 360Works Portfolio License holders receive all of them as part of the comprehensive bundle. Furthermore, the 360Works Portfolio License offers a 20 percent discount on custom plug-in development to its holders. To further enhance customer convenience, 360Works provides a single license key to register all products covered within the bundle.

To find out more about the 360Works Portfolio License and explore all of the company's popular products included in the bundle, such as SuperContainer, Textractor and Plastic, please visit their website.

Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for more than a decade. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom FileMaker database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Bernard Hodes Group, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. Copyright 2008 360Works. All Rights Reserved. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademarks of FileMaker Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.