ScriptDB, the database Scripting Addition is now Intel compatible

May 10, 2007 in OS X Development (E)

[] ScriptDB is a scripting addition that extends the capabilities of AppleScript and AppleScript Studio with a simple and powerful set of database commands. ScriptDB allows you to take data stored in AppleScript lists or text-files and convert it into a ScriptDB class database. Once the data conforms to the ScriptDB class format, you can perform database operations on your data using in AppleScript, right inside your scripts. Best of all, the property containing the actual data is a simple list of lists so that you always have complete access to it.

"ScriptDB is a great compromise. It includes basic database functionality such as filtering, sorting and searching yet it is affordable and even incorporates FileMaker Pro-friendly file formats... I would highly recommended ScriptDB to anyone who needs simple, on-the-fly database functionality in their scripts." Simon Wolf, an AppleScript developer.

ScriptDB is for everyone. While Script DB can perform powerful database operations, its real beauty lies in its simplicity. You can take a few lists, quickly turn them into one database, and then sort them, extract data from them based on criteria, or just export them to a file for later use.

ScriptDB comes in two levels: ScriptDB Basic and ScriptDB Pro.
With the Pro version you get all the features of the Basic level along with XML import and export. XML import and export allows you to save and load databases complete with field definitions. Also, ScriptDB XML files are fully compatible with FileMaker Pro XML.

We offer several, flexible licensing plans to suit any requirement. If you are a developer, you can incorporate ScriptDB Pro into your solutions and distribute it with these solutions royalty free.

ScriptDB was created by Custom Flow Solutions. Headquartered in Providence, RI, Custom Flow Solutions was founded by Hanaan Rosenthal and specializes in providing custom automated solutions in the areas of page layout, catalog automation, image manipulation, web page creation, color management and more.


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