Mac Bundle Box holiday bundle Grows, but only while snow falls

December 21, 2008 in Promotions (E)

[] Corby, UK - The Mac Bundle Box today added an extra application, Dream Capture to their already amazing Holiday MiniBundle promotion. The added application, Dream Capture, will also come with lifetime upgrades as well as top quality support, available via email. Dream Capture, with lifetime upgrades has a retail price of $19.95 (USD), but be quick, because this offer is only available while snow is falling on the Mac Bundle Box website.

In addition to Dream Capture being added to the bundle, Mac Bundle Box are also extending the other offer of iWallet, to all purchasers of the Mac Bundle Box.

Below are listed all of the applications in the bundle:

* KavaTunes (35.00) - Am application for creating an online library of all your iTunes music.

* LibrarianPro (29.95) - Manage your DVD's, Books, Games and CD's with ease. Fully supports barcode scanning!

* Alarm Clock Pro (19.95) - Get woken up softly, wake up relaxed and not startled.

* HyperImage (25.00) - Download web galleries and pictures online with ease. Easy bulk image downloading.

* Mac Cleanse (19..95) - Purify your system, release hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes of storage.

* iWallet (19.99) - Simple expense and money management, for people who need a quick and easy solution.

* Dream Capture (19.99) - An easy solution for recording audio and video to your Mac.

Buying all of these applications individually would cost you $169.79 (USD) but if you buy through the Mac Bundle Box, you get all of this for only $39, a saving of over $130.

Pricing and Availability:
Mac Bundle Box MiniBundle is available for only $39.00 (USD) for all 6 applications, and exclusively from their website. Most applications in the bundle will work with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) but, some do require Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). For more information about each application in the bundle, visit the Mac Bundle Box website and click an applications icon to view full its description.

Mac Bundle Box was founded by Christian Owens in early 2008. Mac Bundle Box aims to provide the best Mac applications on the market at the lowest possible prices. Christian Owens has much experience in the web and application industries, working with popular social networks and other web professionals such as Chris Pirillo.