GeekSuit Introduces Super NDA 1.0

May 10, 2007 in Web Design (E)


GeekSuit has introduced Super NDA 1.0, a php script that allows any business to maintain a complete record of all non-disclosure agreements online, and in a secured mysql database. This makes Super NDA an indispensable tool for companies who require non-disclosure agreements, or virtually any document that requires empirical confidentiality of their products, services, trade or resources.

Members fill out their credentials, register to the system, Read, Accept and Digitally Sign the document. Admins are sent a email once the member completes the process.

Super NDA isn't limited to non-disclosure agreements. You could use the system for any important form, or legal document. The easy to use Admin Panel provides a form area for you to paste your text right in. Super NDA was designed to be extremely easy to use, so you or your office staff can manage entries.

If you're a commercial software developer who is seeking beta testers, this is the perfect solution for maintaining the list of those who've signed up to your beta pool.

Super NDA comes with a complete installer to guide you. No files to set up. Your server does need to have a licensed version of PDFlib. PDFlib comes installed on just about every server that exists today. However not all are licsensed. You will need to test this before you purchase this script! We have provided a test script that you can download and run on your server to ensure PDFlib is indeed installed, and actively licensed.

Super NDA is only $15.50.

1) mysql and php
2) PDFlib (
3) A (hidden) directory one up from root to archive your non-disclosure agreements

Super NDA 1.0 Features:

* Members register to the system just like any other forum or service. They are required to validate through a redirect from the email notification.

* Once a member has been redirected, they're required to read the non-disclosure agreement and digitally sign the document.

* Members are able to use the same email address multiple times - this is to allow the admin to modify the NDA on a per-project basis and have the member able to re-register under the new terms without having to delete the user's record first.

* The member can download the PDF immediately. They can use the same address to download the PDF again.

* Admins are emailed when a non-disclosure agreement has been signed. You can login and check the members credentials, as well as download the NDA for your records if you wish. Otherwise, you can leave them on the server.

* Provides a very simple, and straightforward Admin interface. Easy to use!

* can be run from any directory and is not dependent on any other files.

Geeksuit is a website compilation of useful php scripts, and applescripts.


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