Apple iOS App Mysteriously Loses Google Connection After AppStore Review

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[] Austin, Texas - As an experienced iOS app developer, Dr. Bob Wesson has successfully traversed the App Store review process more than a dozen times. His new app - Read It Aloud - reads aloud web articles saved via Read It Later, InstaPaper, and Google Reader RSS feeds. As usual, the app was extensively beta-tested and proven solid before he submitted it to the App Store for review. And after the usual week-long wait, Read It Later was approved with no issues and released for sale this morning into Apple's App Store. But when Dr. Wesson bought and downloaded the app from the App Store, he discovered to his surprise that it no longer works with Google Reader accounts. It allows the user to login, but does not download a single Google Reader article to read aloud. It appears to work fine with Read It Later and InstaPaper accounts.

"While it could be an issue with our code, it feels like the Google connection was mysteriously disabled during Apple's review process," Dr. Wesson said. "We have rebuilt the app from source and it works fine here in our facility. Yet the version that users download from the App Store somehow cannot connect to Google Reader. We have asked Apple for immediate clarification - if they have a problem with our app connecting to the user's Google Reader feed via its publicly-available API, they should at least tell us that up front. On the off-chance that there was a hiccup in the original, we have already uploaded a revised Version 1.1 proven to work perfectly and requested an expedited review of it."

Part of VoiZapp's extensive series of iOS apps that enable you to manage heretofore visual data via voice, Read It Aloud reads aloud any web article, blog, or news feed from your Google Reader, Read It Later, or InstaPaper account(s) anytime, anywhere. Using state of the art text-to-speech technology, you can listen hands-free to your RSS feeds and/or saved web articles in a soothing voice when you're driving, walking, working out, or just relaxing. During the workday, just tag anything you'd like to have read to you the way you normally would. Then, during your evening commute or workout, use Read It Aloud as a personalized "news radio" that broadcasts just the news and information that you want to hear. Why listen to gritty news stories that you don't really want to know from around the world, when you can listen to timely content that you've specifically selected from your own Internet interests?

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* 60.7 MB

Pricing, availability, and additional details:
Read It Aloud 1.0 can be downloaded now from Apple's App Store in the Lifestyle category for a one-time charge of $2.99. A new Version 1.1 will be available as a free update for existing users who may be experiencing problems with their Google Reader connection just as soon as Apple's review team approves it.

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