Predict the future - prank your friends w/Jinx: Psychic Sidekick for iOS

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[] Winston Salem, North Carolina - Sizzle Entertainment, an innovative new mobile app and game developer, is excited today to announce the launch of the newly updated Jinx: Psychic Sidekick - The Magic Fate Ball for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. A wildly entertaining recreational experience, Jinx: Psychic Sidekick puts a funny future predicting ball right in user's hands for free! Once inside the app, users can get answers to "yes" or "no" questions about the future and post Jinx' replies to Facebook. To boot, if users are feeling especially goofy they can even enable the app's cheat mode via in-app purchase to play hilarious pranks on their friends. Recently updated to provide a smoother overall experience, Jinx: Psychic Sidekick 1.05 is currently available on the Apple App Store for absolutely Free.

The cutest psychic companion available on the App Store, Jinx: Psychic Sidekick helps users get the low down on everything from confirming juicy gossip and predicting sports, to revealing their own future, seeing whether its a good night to go out, and anything else they can think of asking! Free to download, Jinx can answer three "Yes" or "No" questions in a row before falling asleep to recharge his psychic crystals. Super inquisitive users need not worry though, they can powerupgrade Jinx instantly via in-app purchase for unlimited questions! Jokers and pranksters have a friend in Jinx too. Upgrading Jinx also unlocks the app's Cheat mode via in-app purchase, which allows users to rig answers and simply hand Jinx off to their friends or family members to enjoy the hilarity that ensures.

Since Jinx: Psychic Sidekick is integrated with Facebook, users can then share their predictions with friends and family in a snap without ever leaving the app . Jinx: Psychic Sidekick is an eloquently simple recreational portal for iOS users whose use is bound only by it's users' imaginations. This app's predictions and pranks might be tongue-in-cheek and played for laughs, but its power as a mobile portal for casual fun is anything but!

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