Fortunate Bear Acquires Creastoric - Makers of Log Leech

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[] Castro Valley, California - Fortunate Bear, LLC today is thrilled to announce that it has acquired Creastoric, a Mac software company and makers of the Log Leech application. Fortunate Bear will renew development of Log Leech, and provide support for existing customers. A new version of Log Leech, version 1.3.2, is available for immediate download.

Fortunate Bear declined to elaborate on future directions for Log Leech, but did indicate the company had definite plans to further enhance it. The acquisition of Log Leech adds to Fortunate Bear's existing system utility portfolio, which currently includes Illuminate, a tool for efficiently switching between windows. Fortunate Bear's President, Andy Finnell, also indicated that the company would consider other acquisitions if the products fit well with their strategic direction, and made financial sense.

"I'm excited to welcome Creastoric's customers into our community," said Finnell. "I look forward to supporting them, and developing software that meets their needs."

Customers who purchased Log Leech through Creastoric's Store will have a transparent transition under the new ownership. Their copies of Log Leech will update automatically to Fortunate Bear's 1.3.2 version, and their serial numbers will automatically be converted for them. Fortunate Bear will continue to provide email support for them, just as Creastoric had done.

About Creastoric:
Creastoric was started in 2010 with the self-proclaimed goal of reinventing the wheel. Some time ago we began to get tired of using system tools that were less than beautiful. Could system tools be useful and beautiful? We think so, and hope that you will too.

Customers who purchased Log Leech through Apple's Mac App Store will continue to have email support provided for them. However, because of limitations in the Mac App Store, a free upgrade to 1.3.2 can not be provided for them.

Log Leech is a system utility for viewing Mac OS X's console log in an organized and intuitive manner. Instead of showing all log entries as a flat list, Log Leech groups the entries by application, allowing the user to quickly find the right log entry. It is useful for discovering why an application crashed or otherwise failed.

The 1.3.2 version of Log Leech is a minor update, and free for customers who purchased Log Leech through Creastoric's store. Otherwise it costs $9.99, and is available for immediate download from Fortunate Bear's website or Apple's Mac App Store.

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