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MileBug 1/2 OFF New Year's Sale

American Fork, UTAH    Dec 30, 2008 in Business


iZATT has announced it is offering the full version of MileBug for 50% off as a New Years Sale. MileBug helps those driving their own vehicles for business, charity, medical, or other reasons receive their reimbursement and/or tax deduction. U.S. IRS rates for 2009 are 55 cents/mile. MileBug provides the option to track miles or kilometers, enter custom rates, and include foreign characters in the reports. MileBug also supports Spanish.


[] American Fork, Utah - MileBug, a premier iPhone mileage log application, is now available for HALF OFF the regular price! Only $1.99 for a limited time only. Start off the New Year right by keeping proper records for reimbursement or tax deduction. MileBug helps those driving their own vehicles for business, charity, medical, or other reasons receive their reimbursement and/or tax deduction. In the U.S., IRS business rates are 55 cents/mile for 2009. MileBug for the iPhone/iPod Touch helps people track their miles and provides emailed reports for easy submission to employers, accountants, and the IRS.

"MileBug is a mileage tracker for your iPhone or iPod Touch that makes it super easy to. . .track your mileage. This is great if you need to report your mileage to your boss. . .the [IRS]. . .or for any personal reasons." - AppStoreApps (December 13, 2008)

"In my job, I need a way to track mileage for work trips around town. MileBug does a great job of providing a really simple (and IRS friendly) method of tracking my trip logs. I really like how I can export the reports to email for reimbursement and reporting." - The Apple Blog (October 27, 2008)

What's New?
* Option for kilometers vs miles (General Settings)
* Custom deduction rates
* Define multiple business rates (reimbursement vs. deduction)
* "Other" business category for percentage tax filers
* Foreign and other special characters supported in reports
* Notes included in reports
* SPANISH version

MileBug answers the call from the many international customers. Inside the General Settings is now an option to select kilometers instead of miles. From within the Presets, users can define custom rates for business, charity, medical, and other categories. If you get one rate from your employer for reimbursement, and another rate from the IRS for your side business, you simply create two different business rates.

As an added bonus, MileBug supports Spanish. Simply select Spanish as the language of your iPhone or iPod Touch in the General Settings --> International area and restart MileBug. Bienvenido a MileBug!


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