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[prMac.com] Doncaster, United Kingdom - Pocketeers Limited releases its free open source cross platform game development engine and full source to its brand new puzzler cOnnecticOns to the development community. The IwGame engine is a mark-up driven game engine that uses an XML based language called XOML (similar in design to Microsoft's XAML and Adobes MXML), allowing rapid production of complex game layouts, front-ends, very complex multi-part key frame animations, actors, scenes, events actions, resources etc.

The latest version with historical versions of the IwGame Engine as well as full source to cOnnecticOns is available for free download at the drmop.com blog

Pocketeers Limited's first game title created using the IwGame engine called cOnnecticOns - Death By Physics was launched today and is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the Apple iTunes app store at. cOnnecticOns is a physics based puzzler with a built in puzzle editor that allows players to create their own puzzles. The next release will feature puzzle sharing amongst friends.

The IwGame Engine's feature set is quite extensive including:
* Native and cross platform
* Free and open source
* Fully documented
* Support for multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada, BBX, Symbian, Windows Mobile, mobile Linux, LG-TV, Windows and Mac OS)
* Layered sprites / sprite management (CIwGameSprite) including 3D depth with centre of projection
* Support for text and fonts. Also support for text based sprites and text based game actors
* Extensible actor / scene / camera system for organising game and game objects. Also supports multi-part actors with independent animation time lines per part and automatic hit testing.
* Box2D integration into the scene and actor system as well as XOML. Physical objects, materials and shapes can be defined declaratively
* Advanced extensible animation system based on time lines with smooth key frame interpolation, easing (linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic in and out), delta / absolute animations. Also supports start, end and repeat events and actions
* Multi-channel audio and music playback
* Touch and multi-touch support
* Button, keyboard, accelerometer and compass support
* Powerful extensible XML based mark-up system (XOML)
* Enables definition of IwGame objects from XML script such as Scenes, Actors, Images, Animations, Timelines, Shapes, Physical materials, ResourceGroups, Cameras, Actions, Events, Variables, Styles and Templates
* Queued POST / GET http communications
* Global and scene local resources, including automated clean-up
* Support for resource groups
* Support for particle system actors
* Auto handles resizing to any size / aspect ratio display using virtual canvasses
* Auto handles frame rate variations to produce smooth animation
* IwGameAd engine which mediates ad collection, display and click processing across multiple ad providers (12 providers supported to date). * Ad system uses an animation system that is producing 3%-8% CTR
* Support for streamed IO style access to memory
* Support for simple, fast and memory efficient XML serialisation using memory pooling
* On demand GIF, PNG and JPEG image loading over HTTP
* PNG image format saving
* String builder support reducing memory fragmentation when dealing with strings
* Platform agnostic File I/O
* Timers and other utilities
* Supports ultra smooth animation via sub-pixel rendering
* Supports batch rendering for optimised image rendering

The IwGame Engine has been in development for over 6 months and has gone through 10 iterations. The engine is also updated regularly with new and interesting features. The next update will feature support for Facebook integration and conditional XOML actions. Future releases will include support for in-app purchasing, analytics, video playback, camera access and 3D gaming.

The IwGame engine also features the IwGameAds SDK, which is a unified cross platform ad collection, display and processing SDK using eye catching animation to increase CTR (currently 3% - 8%, varying by platform). Direct and indirect support for Inner-active, AdFonic, Vserv, InMobi, BuzzCity, JumpTap, ZestAdz / Komli Mobile, Mojiva, Millennial Media, AdMob, Amobee and AdModa a networks. IwGameAds uses a priority based automated ad collection system that will collect ads from lower priority providers if ads are unavailable from higher priority providers. IwGameAds is available as part of the IwGame engine or as a separate SDK.

The IwGame engine is built atop the Marmalade SDK, an amazing cross platform development SDK. Full source to the IwGame engine is provided however, so developers can freely re-target the code base to whichever platform / SDK they choose, or simply pick parts of the code that they need. IwGame is currently being used by over 200 developers.

Established in 2002, Pocketeers Limited is a UK based game and app developer responsible for the development of the free open source cross platform game development engine and unified ad serving SDK IwGame / IwGameAds. Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Pocketeers Limited All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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