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[] Based in Hong Kong - Uniproducts Company Ltd introduces easy chinese writing - i write chinese, an app designed to show users how to learn to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke and direction by direction. The app is suitable for beginner-level students of Chinese learning as well as for those who want to enhance their Chinese-writing techniques.

Each character is displayed with the phonetic "pin yin" system with an audio translation in English, French and Spanish.

Each character/word in this audio-rich app provides English, Spanish, and French translations in print and audio for each of the Chinese characters taught. Each Chinese character is shown along with its pinyin form (a phonetic writing of the character to help those familiar with the English alphabet who are just learning to read the characters). A step-by-step guide to the formation of each character is shown, audio is provided, and a tracing section is given for each character.

The tracing section includes stroke directions and color coded radicals (the core of each character) to help remember how to form each character. You trace on the lines with your finger or stylus, and when the character is correctly completed a smiley face will appear. A touch of the eraser lets you start again. Compound words show all of the characters together at the top of the screen while each component character is displayed on its own tab in the tracing section of the app.

Characters in the app are grouped into 12 categories, making it easy for learners to associate the various vocabularies of the same theme. Each category contains 17 single characters, which, upon the completion of the first 17 single characters, you will find five samples of "compound words" based on single characters of the same category or within all 12 categories.

There are a total of 205 single characters in easy chinese writing - i write chinese app and 70 examples of compound words. But these 205 single characters can create many more compound words. easy chinese writing - i write chinese app is here to help students learn how to write Chinese in a simple and fun way and also shows them how to maximize compound words.

"People learning Chinese may find that learning to write Chinese characters is the most difficult to master. With easy chinese writing - i write chinese, we want to help students to learn how to write Chinese characters in a simple and fun way," from Uniproducts Company Ltd.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad

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