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FileMaker Developers Win $1000 for Your Creativity

Glen Allen, VIRGINIA    Jan 05, 2009 in FileMaker


FMWebschool Inc., announces an exciting FileMaker competition with a grand prize of $1000.00. FileMaker developers have the opportunity to win big by showing off their creativity. FMWebschool has created an application that allows you to deploy FileMaker databases on the iPhone and iPod Touch. We are looking for developers to create FileMaker solutions for the iPhone. No special knowledge is needed; you simply need to know how to create FileMaker applications.


[] Richmond, VA - FMWebschool today announces an exciting competition that will put your creative genius to the test. If you are a FileMaker developer, and you enjoy a challenge, then this competition is for you! We are looking for developers to create FileMaker solutions for the iPhone and iPod touch. These solutions will be deployed using FMTouch. FMTouch enables FileMaker users to deploy their FileMaker applications on the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the very near future the same FileMaker applications that you create for the iPhone will also work on the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and G1.

This is where your creativity will come into play. There are numerous FileMaker databases that are just waiting to be designed for use on the iPhone. The FMTouch Ready Made Solution store already has a great selection of FileMaker templates designed for the iPhone.

This is a great chance to show off your FileMaker skills and win some great prizes in the process. Thousands of people currently use FMTouch and this is a great way to not only make extra money, but to get new client work doing customization and have a continual stream of income from sales of your solution at the FMTouch Ready Made Solutions website.

Developing databases for the iPhone is easy, if you can build a FileMaker database, you can build a solution for the iPhone. The official rules and guidelines are available online. So if you have a great idea for a FileMaker application that you think would be great on the iPhone, take this opportunity to let the world see it. Mobile applications just make sense. The power that FMTouch adds to the iPhone is amazing. Look at the potential - suddenly your iPhone is much more than a phone, it's like having a miniature laptop.

For example, a FileMaker contact database on the iPhone can function just like a desktop version. You can add and edit contacts. Simply touch a field with a phone number and it dials their number; this works the same with email and SMS. Simply touch the field and it springs into action. Need to send contact information to an associate? Simply pull up the record on the iPhone, click save to PDF and email the file to your associate. Take a picture of a business associate with your iPhone and you can automatically add that person to your FileMaker contacts database on your iPhone. FMTouch is fully relational solution that allows you to create exciting database solutions. The example of a contacts database is only one example of how a FileMaker database could be used on the iPhone.

The business opportunities that are available with FMTouch are phenomenal and will continue to grow. This is your chance to be a part of the growth of an amazing market. Take a few minutes to check out the FMTouch Ready Made Solution Store. Then get busy creating your own FileMaker application. Be sure to submit your application before January 31st, for a chance to win $1000.00! Welcome to the future of FileMaker Pro.


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