FmPro Script Diff 1.38 Adds Support for FileMaker Pro 10 Script Steps

January 5, 2009 in FileMaker (E)

[] San Francisco (MacWorld) - .com Solutions Inc. releases updated FmPro Script Diff 1.38 with support for FileMaker Pro 10. FmPro Script Diff has been updated to support each of the new script steps and calculation functions added to FileMaker Pro 10. FmPro Script Diff operates as an external script editor, enhancing the built-in FileMaker Pro 10 Manage Scripts window.

The new FileMaker Pro 10 script steps supported by FmPro Script Diff include:
* Install OnTimer Script [script name; Interval: number]
* Open Edit Saved Finds
* Set Field by Name [calculated target field; calculated value]

All calculation formulas are supported by FmPro Script Diff, including the new FileMaker Pro 10 calculation functions:
* Char(number)
* Code(text)
* GetFieldName(field)
* Get(DocumentsPathListing)
* Get(TriggerKeystroke)
* Get(TriggerModifyerKeys)

FmPro Script Diff enhances the functionality of the FileMaker Pro 10 Manage Scripts window by adding the following features:

* Search and Replace of text, Tablename::Fieldnames and global/local variable names within any number of scripts.

* Pressing the TAB key in find mode, instantly advances the cursor to the next occurrence of the found text, displayed with yellow highlighting.

* Display of script control flow, graphically showing the statements included within each IF/ELSE/END IF/LOOP/END LOOP control flow structure. It is no longer ncecessary to print and mark up scripts with a ruler in order to see the control flow.

* A single mouse click puts stylized script text onto the clipboard in RTF format, retaining the formatting and colorization when pasting scripts into other applications.

* Changed scripts are compared by FmPro Script Diff on a line-by-line basis and displayed with color coded tags to the left of each modified line. Interline changes are also highlighted to indicate Changed, Added or Deleted text. Each script's XML source can be manually edited or updated via the Search & Replace feature, and pasted back into FileMaker Pro 10.

Transferring scripts between FileMaker Pro 10 and FmPro Script Diff is accomplished by copying & pasting whole scripts or individual script steps via the clipboard. No DDR Export is required. The XML code representing each script is parsed, converted to human-readable text and checked for errors. Each script is stored in an embedded database within FmPro Script Diff. Selected scripts can then be copied back onto the clipboard as XML for pasting back into FileMaker Pro.

FmPro Script Diff improves productivity by helping FileMaker developers answer questions such as:
* What changes have been made to this script?
* Which scripts have been changed between two database revisions?
* Which scripts were modified on a particular day?
* Which scripts were modified by a specific developer?
* Where is this global variable modified within each script of my solution?
* Is this field used by any script in my solution (before I delete, modify or reuse it)?
* How can I find and change a text string, variable, fieldname or table occurrence within dozens or even hundreds of scripts?

FmPro Script Diff is priced at ($100) per developer and includes a copy of FmPro Script Diff for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Script Diff customers may upgrade to FmPro Script Diff 1.38 at no charge.

.com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and FrontBase developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker ScriptMaker scripts, FmPro Layout Diff, compares FileMaker Layouts. FmPro Migrator migrates FileMaker databases to and from FileMaker. Installgen automates over 100 Oracle install procedures on Solaris, Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Repgen replicates Oracle data in a multi-master configuration on Solaris, Windows, Linux and MacOS X. For more information about .com Solutions Inc., please visit their website. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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