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[prMac.com] York, United Kingdom - Bored of the same old sounds? Endless Series is a unique sound synthesis plug-in based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion. It generates mind-bending infinite scales, psychedelic drones and fascinating sonic textures and works as a tone generator, ring modulator, phaser, flanger or resonant filter bank effect.

It's perfect for adding subtle or extreme tension to many kinds of electronic and experimental music - for instance you can use it to drive the dance-floor crazy with never ending build-ups and climaxes, or add a sense of motion to your latest track without changing the tempo! The plugin is also very effective for many sound design tasks and makes amazing high-octane engine sounds, like those used for the Batpod in Batman, The Dark Knight.

The plugin goes way beyond the basic Shepard Tone and lets you tweak the sound in many ways.


Endless Series is available as 32/64bit VST2/VST3/AudioUnit/RTAS plug-ins and a standalone app. It works with all major digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools and Cubase.

* Circular-pitch tone generator, ring modulator, flanger, filter and phaser effects
* Glissando, stepped and MIDI stepped modes for synchronising to bpm
* Lots of options for changing the partial spacing and creating harmonic or inharmonic timbres
* True stereo operation, mono & mono2stereo for all FX modes
* Quantize stepped modes to one of 14 different scales
* Stereo detune/fattening and Auto-panning effects
* Control harmonics of each partial for a richer sound
* Distortion and noise modulation, for a dirtier sound
* Integrated preset/bank management for compatibility across hosts/platforms
* Massive sonic-potential!

Price & Availability:
The full version of Endless Series 1.8, including all plugin and standalone builds costs 19.99 GBP (UNTIL 31/3/12) and can be bought via PayPal. Alternatively you can buy just the Mac standalone version on the Mac App Store for 6.99 GBP

Oli Larkin is an independent audio software developer based in North Yorkshire UK. He has been making out-there audio plug-ins since 2003. Copyright (C) 2012 Oli Larkin. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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