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Desktop Blurrifier 1.0 Released for Mac OS X

Manheim, PENNSYLVANIA    Mar 14, 2012 in Utility


Chris Paveglio today introduces Desktop Blurrifier 1.0 for Mac OS X. Desktop Blurrifier makes your desktop pictures blurry so you can focus on the icons on your Desktop easier. Users can adjust the blur and scale of an image and then set it quickly to be the desktop image. The contrast of a slightly blurred desktop image keeps you focussed on work and makes it easier to see icons. You can also adjust the contrast, saturation, and colorize an image. EPS and PDF vector graphics can be used also.


[] Manheim, Pennsylvania - Chris Paveglio today is pleased to release Desktop Blurrifier 1.0. Desktop Blurrifier allows Mac users to slightly blur an image to use it as a desktop image/wallpaper. A slightly blurred image brings icons onto your desktop into focus and lets you focus better on work and not the busy-ness of a detailed desktop picture.

Users can adjust the blur and scale of an image and then set it quickly to be the desktop image. It also allows changes to the image exposure (similar to contrast), saturation, and can colorize (like a monotone) an image. Desktop Blurrifier supports most of the popular image formats (jpg, png, tiff). PDF and EPS graphic files can also be used, and then a solid color can be selected when there is transparency (for example using a logo or vector graphic). Desktop Blurrifier supports multiple monitors. There is a live preview of the desktop image as you change values of your image.

Feature Highlights:
* Blur an image from a little to a lot
* Scale images up and position to zoom into a smaller area of an image
* Exposure control
* Saturation control
* Colorize (monotone) control
* Supports multiple monitors and spaces
* Supports EPS and PDF graphics (some limitations)
* Solid background color picker for transparent EPS/PDF/images

Minimum requirements:
Mac OS X 10.6.6

Pricing and Availability:
Desktop Blurrifier 1.0 is available immediately for $5 (USD) from the website and is also available on the Mac App Store.


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