Press Release InDesign Image Catalog for CS3/Universal update May 16, 2007 in Publishing The InDesign Image Catalog program by Chris Paveglio has been updated to be compatible with Adobe InDesign CS3 and is also now a Universal application. This is a free update for current users, new customers can purchase ID Image Catalog for only $20. [] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chris Paveglio has updated the popular InDesign Image Catalog program for use with Adobe InDesign CS3. The program is now Universal. This is a free update for all current users. ID Image Catalog can create a catalog/contact sheet using InDesign, from a folder of images the user selects. Options include number of images per page, use of images in sub-folders, name or file path descriptions, use of document presets, and more. InDesign Image Catalog requires InDesign CS3 and Mac OS X 10.4, and is priced at $20. Chris Paveglio creates Applescripts for the publishing and advertising industry; as well as custom Applescripts upon request. He deals primarily with Adobe integration, and FileMaker database. As a graphic artist he can create printed documents, video & animation, and web ready graphics. Visit ### Chris Paveglio Owner