Time Tracking Software: What did you do last year? OfficeTime knows

January 6, 2009 in Project Tracking (E)

[prMac.com] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - What was your most productive month last year? Which project earned the most? What kinds of tasks did you waste the most time on? OfficeTime's time tracking software, by Transcena Design, now gives one-click answers to these questions. OfficeTime's version 1.4 for Mac and PC provides 18 new summaries to their list of intuitive reporting options.

It's easy to make New Year's resolutions for your personal life, but an effective resolution for your professional life requires more than just determination. You need knowledge. Few things can be more important for helping you change the way you spend your time than by knowing where your time went. Can you easily answer these questions:

* Which projects earned you the most last month?

* Did you spend more time writing proposals or doing work this week?

* What was your busiest month last year?

* Which day of the week was least productive?

OfficeTime's latest release allows you to both intuitively track your time and review instant reports of where you've been. Eighteen new summary reports can provide one click answers to these questions. Want more specifics? The same report offers expanded line item details for a more in depth look.

Reporting works equally well for solo consultants or team based reporting broken down by employee. Who was your least productive employee last year? Where did John focus his time last quarter?

Tracking your time has historically been troublesome, which is why OfficeTime is specifically designed for busy people who would rather be working than tracking where they spent their time. OfficeTime works flexibly and intuitively helping ensure that proper time tracking is a resolution you don't have to think about to keep.

Giving back to the community that has enthusiastically embraced OfficeTime, with support and suggestions, a free upgrade to Version 1.4 is available to everyone with a registered previous release.

OfficeTime's growing community is successfully tracking, invoicing and reporting their time. Find out why global consultants, freelancers and teams choose OfficeTime for tracking their day, their week and even their year. It just works. Intuitively and easily.

Pricing and Availability:
$47 (USD) with a full "120-day No-Hassles, Any-Reason, Money-Back Guarantee." Customers can feel confident testing this business tool, with its no risk investment. In addition to OfficeTime's No-Risk Guarantee, we provide a fully activated 21-day free trial. PC and Mac User Groups may contact OfficeTime for further discounts. Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others: Get a working version of OfficeTime and feel free to reprint any of our Time-Saving Tips.

Transcena Design Inc., a busy web and applications development firm, needed to track its employees' time. When they couldn't find a full featured, easy to use tracking application, this 17-year old agency (with a zest for clean design and usable interfaces), decided to build the OfficeTime time tracking application, a time-tracker based on real-world business needs.