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[] London, United Kingdom - Almost an year ago we released the first version of MoneyWiz for iPad. It immediately attracted people's attention, as a really different kind of personal finance software. We originally didn't plan to make an iPhone and a Mac versions so fast, but the success of the iPad version convinced us otherwise. So, in another 4 months we've managed to create MoneyWiz for iPhone that works beautifully with its iPad brother. It was time to start the Mac version.

When we started planning the Mac version, we knew it would be a different kind of animal. Porting between iPhone and iPad is easy, as they are both mobile devices that share the same principles of usage. Porting on the Mac though is a totally different animal, not only from technical perspective, but also from user experience point of view.

And so, we've decided to check out the competition, and analyse what the Mac market might need. After a few days of research we made list of major problems shared among all Mac apps for personal finance:

1. Many didn't have an iPhone and/or an iPad version
2. If they had an iOS version, then the iOS version would be very limited in features and basically useless compared to the Mac version. It would be used mostly as a browsing tool
3. All Mac apps for personal finance looked poorly designed
4. Nobody had a good syncing solution between Mac and iOS... and believe me, Dropbox is not a good syncing solution

So we immediately knew that we had to solve all these problems. That's how MoneyWiz for Mac was conceived, some 7 months ago.

Today, we're ready to show you something different. The kind of Mac app for personal finance, that you haven't seen before, but you always wished you had.

Meet Moneywiz For Mac:
MoneyWiz for Mac features the magnificent and simplistic design of MoneyWiz for iPad, adjusted to work beautifully on the Mac!

One of the great things about the entire MoneyWiz family of apps is that once you learn to use one of them, you know how to use the others as well. They are all consistent, and we wanted to keep that with MoneyWiz for Mac as well. We kept the same principles and design concepts from iOS, and made them feel native on the Mac.

Feature-wise MoneyWiz for Mac has all the features of MoneyWiz for iPhone and iPad, but it also adds a few that make sense on the Mac, but didn't make sense on iOS.

Fancy View Vs Expert View:
The Mac is a powerful platform and people often use it for powerful tasks. Knowing that people using MoneyWiz spend most of the time in the Accounts area, working with transactions, we wanted to give a more advanced view of the list of transactions without sacrificing the simplicity for those who didn't want it. Eventually we came up with this brilliant solution to have two ways of visualising your transactions and allow you to quickly change between them. We call them a Fancy View and an Expert View. Fancy view is what you've already seen on the iPhone and iPad. The expert view is in spreadsheet style, giving you greater detail, faster. The expert view is also the place to reconcile transactions.

Bulk Editing:
It only made perfect sense that when we have an expert view of the transactions, we'd also allow you to bulk/mass edit or delete them. Such a feature has been requested for the iOS versions, but we feel that it's too advanced for the iOS and will sacrifice the simplicity of MoneyWiz if we did it there. On the Mac though, it makes perfect sense and it feels natural.

Transactions Entry:
When we checked how other Mac apps allow you to enter transactions it always felt wrong. Other apps show this inspector-like view on the right side of the screen and you are supposed to input your data there, but this makes no sense. It doesn't allow you to focus on what you're doing... there were just too many distractions on the screen, which increases the risk of entering the wrong data and wasting time later, trying to figure out why your balances don't add up. So we strongly felt that the transaction entry process must be different.
We came up with a very simple and elegant solution - we'd show the transactions entry form in the middle of the screen. No brainer here, right? Well, the brilliance comes from Part 2. And this is something that nobody else has done before us. We figured that just a centred view would not give you the focus you need, because the distractions on the background would still exist. But in some rare cases you might actually want to check something in the background. To solve this, we made it so that when the entry screen appears, the background would quickly darken, but the dark layer would remain semi-transparent, just enough to allow you to focus but in the same time to allow you to peek at background. You can also move the transaction entry screen all over the screen, for your convenience. All this happens in smooth and beautiful animations!

Drag & Drop:
A major part of desktop software is drag & drop. So MoneyWiz for Mac comes with great drag & drop support, where you need it:
* Re-arrange your Accounts & Budgets with drag & drop
* Re-arrange your Categories and Payees with drag&drop
* Drag & drop an image to add it to a transaction
* Drag & drop a QIF, QFX or OFX file into MoneyWiz, and the import process will start immediately

Summary View:
We can't show you this right now, because we're still working on it, but I can at least tell you about the Summary View.
The Summary View would give you a summary of your net worth, upcoming bills, budgets and so on. The summary view will reside at the bottom of the sidebar, just underneath Reports. You can show and hide it with a single tap.

Full Screen Support:
MoneyWiz for Mac comes with amazing full screen support. We've spent a lot of time to make sure that when you resize MoneyWiz everything will look smooth, enjoying and beautiful. Take Scheduled transactions for example... when you resize MoneyWiz, the scheduled events will re-arrange in real time, during resizing, with awesome animations. In the same time, the calendar area on the top, will get more and more months of calendars. That too comes with great animations!

But the most exceptional thing of all is the full screen support and Reports. I really can't describe how stunning it is to see the graph of your report in full screen on the big display... It's absolutely beautiful.

Help & Shortcuts:
Searchable Help book is an essential part of any Mac app. MoneyWiz for Mac will of course have that. What's even nicer though is that for those of you who don't feel like reading a lot, there will be inline help texts that guide you through the process of getting started with MoneyWiz for Mac, just like it is on the iPad version.

We're also adding shortcuts support, to allow you to do things faster. All shortcuts will be well documented in the Help.

Sync Everything!
MoneyWiz for Mac will automatically sync with its iOS versions, via our free cloud syncing service - Sync Everything!

Availability & Price:
MoneyWiz for Mac will be available for purchase in April 2012, exclusively on the Mac AppStore. It will cost $24.99, and it will require Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). We'll also make full integration with Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), by the time Apple releases it.

Pre-Release Builds:
SilverWiz Ltd. is happy to provide pre-release builds of MoneyWiz for Mac to journalists and bloggers, interested in reviewing the product. Please use the contact noted bellow.

We are very passionate about beauty and simplicity, and that's the passion that drives them when creating insanely great software. Copyright (C) 2012 SilverWiz. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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