Alarm Clock with Engraving for iOS - Classic, Antique, Gold Pocket Watch

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[] Indie developer Alexey Vlaskin today announces Alarm Clock with Engraving 1.6 for iOS, an update to his best-selling classic, antique, gold pocket watch. Featuring the real sounds of the actual watch on which it is based, the magnificent virtual timepiece has moving gears, a sweep second hand, 10 backgrounds, closable cover, customizable inscription, alarm function with music box melodies or ringing, and snooze alarm. Made in Australia, the luxurious, vintage clock was inspired by the work of the 18th century clockmaker, John Harrison. The utility was recently featured in the What's Hot sections of the Russian and Australian App Stores.

Harrison (1693-1776) lived in London, and is credited as the inventor of the marine chronometer, which enabled calculation of longitude at sea. He developed several unique mechanical innovations that greatly improved the accuracy of pocket watches and chronometers, and is considered one of the founding fathers of horology. One of his chronometers was used by James Cook when he explored the new continent now know as Australia.

Feature Highlights:
* Real sounds of antique pocket watch: crank and tick-tock were taken from real antique clock
* Changing tick sound volume
* Alarm function will wake you up with soft melodies from the past (three different melodies)
* Set up snooze function to sleep a bit more in the morning
* Ten Premium backgrounds (choose what you like)
* Realistic clock shadow
* Moving gears
* Closable pocket clock cover
* Customized internal inscription
* Changing auto dimming settings

Alarm Clock with Engraving is a fully functional timepiece of the period and incorporates a cutout in the face to observe the inner workings of the clock. The face has 12 elegant, Roman numerals, and minute, hour, and second hands are each slightly different. The custom inscription appears in classical English script directly above the numeral VI on the clock's face.

Users may enjoy the gold watch as viewed in front of 10 different, decorative backgrounds, including: Maplewood, Royal Blue Paisley, Silver Filigree, Wet Lapis Lazuli, Fine Emerald Silk, Stainless Steel Tread, Presentation Red Satin, Pure Black, Antique Wall Hanging, and Ancient Cerulean Tile. Tapping on the closed watch opens the cover, whose inner surface reflects the clock face.

The clock automatically keeps perfect time as governed by the iDevice, and setting the 24-hour alarm is easily done using the Apple picker, infinite odometer display. Users may listen to the sounds of winding the watch or the musical ticking of the mechanical movement. An ideal gift that can be easily personalized with an inscription, the majestic gold Alarm Clock with Engraving can help any gift giver convey their feelings in celebration of any occasion.

"Though our modern clocks run at the same rate, time moved more slowly 200 years ago when this classic timepiece was first made," commented developer/designer Alexey Vlaskin. "Now, you can open your iDevice and take a moment to enjoy time presented in classic, grand style."

Languages Support:
U.S. English, Australian English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* 9.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Alarm Clock with Engraving 1.6 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Review copies are available on request.

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