Log Leech for iPhone and iPad Announced; Mac version updated to 1.5

April 3, 2012 in Utilities (E)

[prMac.com] Castro Valley, California - Fortunate Bear today announces Log Leech for iPhone and iPad, and an update to the Mac OS X version. Log Leech is a utility for viewing the console log in an organized and intuitive manner. The 1.5 update includes many UI refinements, better export support, and numerous stability and performance improvements.

Log Leech for iOS presents the console log in the same intuitive manner that its Mac sibling does. Log entries are group by the application that logged them, and can be sorted by name, the last time an entry was logged, and the total number of entries. This allows the user to quickly get to the log entry they care about. It is useful for discovering why an application crashed or otherwise failed. Alternatively, the log can be viewed in a strictly chronological order, with entries from different applications mixed.

The iOS version has feature parity with the Mac 1.5 version except in a couple places. Instead of providing an export option, the iOS version allows the user to email log entries. Additionally, the iOS version does not allow filtering by date or viewing the console log only. This is because iOS does not keep as many log entries around at one time, making those filter options unnecessary on iOS.

The 1.5 update for Mac OS X includes many UI refinements. Most feature options previously only available through the toolbar are now also available through the menu. Toolbar items have been renamed to be more obvious, and rearranged in a more logical manner. Additionally, a detailed log entry view has been introduced so the user can see multiline message properly formatted, as well as view the priority of that message.

Export has been dramatically improved for the 1.5 update. The chronological view now supports exporting all log messages. In addition the look and feel of the plain text and HTML export have received a lot of attention. The HTML export's appearance is very similar to the table view used inside Log Leech itself. With regard to with getting data out more easily, Log Leech now supports multiple selection in the detail view, allow the user to select multiple log entries and copy them all at once.

For the 1.5 release performance and stability have been improved. The entire codebase has been reviewed for memory management errors, and has also been run through static analysis. The refresh function specifically was optimized to be faster, in addition to being made asynchronous. This means the user can continue to work in the application while the log entries are being refreshed.

iOS Device Requirements:
* iOS 5.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Mac System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* Intel based Macintosh

Pricing and Availability:
Log Leech 1.5 for Mac is $9.99 (USD) and is available through Fortunate Bear's online store or Apple's Mac App Store. Log Leech for iOS is $4.99 and is available through Apple's App Store. Review copies are available upon request.

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