GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 - Free Update for Mac OS X and Windows

April 5, 2012 in Image Editing (E)

[] Buenos Aires, Argentina - Gertrudis Graphics is pleased to announce version 2.0 of its flagship product GMX-PhotoPainter. The upgrade includes both platforms: Mac and PC. New Features for Mac.

The following features are new for Mac, but they was already present GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC:

* Project Dialog: Before creating a new project, it will show you a sheet in which you can decide: Background color, and picture dimensions.
* True freehand drawing: Now you can use the Freehand Tool to draw brushstrokes.
* Pattern Editor: Create and Edit your own patterns.

Preview Stop/Start: Now you can Start or Stop the process which generates the Style Preview.
Blend Modes: It adds two additional blending modes: "Color Only" and "Brightness Only".
Multicolor painting: Now, this color mode is fully operative in GMX-PhotoPainter foc Mac.

New Features for Both PC and Mac:
Custom Color Selection: There are two new tools: "Color Picker" and "Color Mixer" the combination of both tools enables the user to decide the mixing of the sampled color and chosen color.

Custom Brushes Import: Now, the user can import his own brushes.
Multiple Brushes Feature: This option let you specify more than one brush in a given style. Each time a brushstroke is drawn, will randomly choose a different brush.

Upgrade Policy:
Mac: All GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac Owners are entitled for this Free Upgrade
PC: Owners of GMX-PhotoPainter II for Windows (August 2011) are entitled for this Free Upgrade.

About GMX-PhotoPainter:
GMX-PhotoPainter is a Digital Painting Software which enables the user to transform any image into an original artwork. Artists can start with an existing picture such as from a digital camera, scanner, or 3D rendering, and paint the brush strokes using the provided tools. GMX-PhotoPainter can assist the user to automatically decide the brushstroke color, and direction or it can let the user to decide by themselves.

There are a number of standard, "ready to use" styles which successfully imitate traditional media: Watercolor, Oil painting, Crayon, and Pen & Ink. Each of these comes in different sizes, and levels of details. It also let the user create its own style from scratch with a deep level of customization.

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 is $59.00 and avialable on the GertrudisGraphics website.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gertrudis Graphics is a privately held company established by independent developer, Enrique Nieloud. Gertrudis Graphics produces and sells Digital Painting Applications. It has published painting Applications for Windows and Mac Platform, and now is introducing GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 for Windows Platform. Copyright (C) 2012 Gertrudis Graphics. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.



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