Inc. Releases MacLockPick 3.0

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[] Fremont, California - Inc. announces the newest version of their cross-platform live digital forensic field tool, MacLockPick 3.0. The new version offers improvements in iOS support, the addition of file and meta tag filters, upgraded application support, and more. These upgrades continue to make MacLockPick the most powerful live forensics tool available.

MacLockPick 3.0 exploits the structure of the Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems to find valuable information for an investigator or digital forensics examiner. Information such as passwords, wireless connection points, web browsing history, email, chat history, network information and much more are all available quickly and simply.

"Timely identification and meaningful interpretation of digital media has never been more critical. Investigators are constantly faced with new challenges in the technology field and ever changing environment of digital forensics.", said Marko Kostyrko, CEO of Inc. "Dealing with cyber criminals requires live forensics and on-scene forensic triage tools like MacLockPick 3.0 when time matters in minutes, not days."

* Extract iPhoto information based on camera type
* Upgraded iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X Lion support
* Upgraded plugin application support
* Increased speed in processing suspect machines
* Additional focus on Apple technologies
* User selectable order of plugin execution
* Larger 16GB device available for larger investigations and more storage

MacLockPick 3.0 is expandable to provide maximum flexibility and power to support forensics investigations thanks to the plug-in based architecture. MacLockPick 3.0 allows forensics investigators to add third party plug-ins to further enhance the abilities of MacLockPick.

Pricing starting at $499 for 8GB and $549 for 16GB. Upgrade pricing starts at $349 (upgrade plans are available and many users are already covered by the upgrade/maintenance plan). All current MacLockPick license holders may contact for upgrade information.

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