Upgrading to FileMaker 12? So is 360Works

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[prMac.com] Atlanta, Georgia - 360Works, a leading product developer and innovator, has announced the release of new versions of products, which is now compatable with FileMaker 12.

We know that staying on the cutting edge of the industry is important to our users. It is also important to us, and we are proud of our record of innovation and of ensuring that our products are compatible with upgrades from the moment of their release - whether Windows, OS X, or FileMaker Pro. Rest assured that 360Works' products will continue to be updated and supported as technology evolves, and we are excited to be a part of this evolution.

Following products to be compatible with FileMaker 12:
* AdminAnywhere 1.52
* Charts 1.71
* Email 1.963
* FTPeek 1.6
* JDBC 1.8
* Remote Scripter 1.79
* Plastic 1.83
* SafetyNet 1.3
* Scribe 1.27
* ScriptMaster 4.132
* SuperContainer 2.86
* Web Assistant 1.57
* DocuBin 1.0051*
* Web Services Manager- *Update to FileMaker 12 coming soon!* 1.54

Please update your plugins at 360works website.

Known Issues with FileMaker 12

Please note that FileMaker Server 12 no longer calls the startup script for FileMaker scheduled scripts. If your scheduled script relies on any plugin functions called in the startup script, you will need to call the startup script from your scheduled script or move the appropriate plugin function calls to the scheduled script.

With FileMaker 12, plugins are installed programmatically using the "Install Plug-In File" script step. 360Works will be releasing a FileMaker 12 compatible AutoUpdate file available from website.

The FileMaker 12 Web Publishing Engine does not currently support plugins on 64-bit operating systems. To use plugins with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or Custom Web Publishing, please ensure that the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine is installed on 32-bit operating systems.

360Works will continue to distribute FileMaker 11 files for DocuBin. Users who are upgrading should convert their files to FileMaker 12. The Workgroup edition of DocuBin is FileMaker 12 compatible. The Enterprise Edition is not yet FileMaker 12 ready.

Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for more than a decade. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom FileMaker database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Bernard Hodes Group, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. FileMaker, and the FileMaker logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of FileMaker Incorporated. Copyright (C) 2011 360Works. All Rights Reserved.


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