Reader X - Google Reader Client for iPad with an Innovative UI

April 11, 2012 in News (E)

[] Munich, Germany - getFineApps is excited to announce the availability the latest update of "Reader X", a Google Reader Client for the iPad, which "innovates the RSS app on the iPad" (AppAdvice). All Google Reader articles are presented like on a huge wallpaper. Browse by simply swiping horizontally and vertically. No navigation in folder hierarchies needed, no cumbersome digging into and out of lists.

Immediately see which articles are unread, starred or read by their color. Newer articles are shown in more saturated colors. Preview articles by tapping on their headline. In a popover you can read the summary or even the full article, save / share it or decide to open the full web page for the article. Numerous sharing services and Instapaper / Readability services for better legibility supported.

The most recent update is optimized for the new iPad's Retina display. It further features real smooth scrolling, overall refined visual appearance and Readability / Instapaper / ReadItLater support.

Innovative user interface:
* All headlines are shown in one view
* Each feed is displayed as one horizontal stripe, newest item left
* Swipe horizontally to browse through all items of a feed
* Swipe vertically to browse through all your feeds
* Feeds are grouped in sections corresponding to your folders in Google Reader

* Unread items are shown in blue, starred items in yellow and read items in grey
* Newest items are displayed in saturated colors while older items have a gradually faded coloring
* Filter to show only unread or starred items with just one tap

* Zoom into a feed by tapping it's title
* All items of that feed are then being displayed in a scrollable grid view

* Tap on a headline box to see a preview of the article in a popover
* Save and share the article right from the preview popover
* Read full text extract of the article generated by Readability, Instapaper or ReadItLater services
* Toggle the read and starred status or decide to open the full webpage of the article

* View full web page of the article
* View web page rendered by Readability or Instapaper services for better legibility
* Save and share the article
* Toggle the read and starred status


Visual appearance of the "wallpaper":
* Choose font type and size
* Adjust format and size of boxes with headlines

Appearance of preview popover:
* Select font type and size

Core Functionalitites:
* Syncs with Google Reader
* Mark items read (individually, per feed, per folder, all)
* Change read and starred status
* Option to show badge on home screen with unread count
* Automatically sync at launch or only manual sync (At present there is an issue preventing automatic sync in some cases. We will address this issue)

Supported services / Sharing:
* Open in Safari
* Copy link to clipboard
* Email link
* Save to Readitlater
* Save to Instapaper
* Save to Pinboard
* Post to Twitter
* Post to Tumblr
* Post to Facebook

Device Requirements:
* iPad (iPad 2 or new iPad (2012) recommended for performance reasons)
* Size: 2.6 MB
* iOS 5.0 or newer
* (Free) Google Reader account

Pricing and Availability:
Reader X 1.2 is available on all App Stores worldwide at the introductory price of $1.99 USD (1.59 Euro). We are happy to provide potential reviewers with a Promo Code for the app.

Located in Munich, Germany, getFineApps was founded in 2010 with a dedication to create innovative and smart apps for the iPhone and iPad. Our portfolio includes news readers, search tools and utilities. All Material and Software (C) 2010-2012 Wolfgang Augustin / getFineApps / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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