QUBYX Releases PerfectLum Suite With QA Features And Remote Control

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[prMac.com] Nice, France - QUBYX has announced the official release of its medical display calibration and quality assurance software PerfectLum Suite. The software, designed to improve imaging precision of medical monitors, used for X-Ray viewing, mammography, MRI and other radiology sub industries, is now able to not only calibrate a display, but also perform acceptance and constancy tests to AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1 standards. With the free Remote Control capabilities PerfectLum Suite allows centralized quality maintenance.

"We have designed PerfectLum Suite as a complete display management tool that is aimed at making quality maintenance of medical displays more time- and cost-efficient," says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. "We believe the QA and Remote Control features of PerfectLum will provide important benefits for our customers."

PerfectLum Suite quality assurance features include AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1 acceptance and constancy tests, as well as calibration conformance, white level and uniformity checks. When a display is first installed, an acceptance test is performed to verify if it meets the requirements necessary for the usage in diagnostics and reviewing of medical images. As soon as the acceptance test is passed, corresponding constancy tests are scheduled automatically, with the software calculating due dates for the constancy tests and reminding the user to perform them when they are due. The QA tests in PerfectLum Suite are designed to make the test procedure as easy and accurate as possible.

In addition to acceptance and constancy tests, quality assurance features of PerfectLum Suite include white level check, calibration conformance, and uniformity check. These features allow the user to verify that the white level of the display is within the required range, to assure that calibration parameters remain in accordance with targets set in calibration preferences, and to measure luminance deviations across the screen. The quality assurance capabilities of PerfectLum Suite ensure that the displays, used for diagnostics and reviewing of medical images, meet the requirements of key medical standards and remain within these requirements over time. Maintaining quality of medical displays with PerfectLum Suite will provide confidence in the accuracy of diagnosis for medical imaging professionals.

PerfectLum Suite features a free Remote Control that enables a QA supervisor or a system administrator to schedule and start calibration and QA tasks for an unlimited number of workstations and healthcare facilities remotely. Staying in the office, the administrator can control performance of multiple displays from a locally installed or a web server, with a 24-hour access to any of the connected client machines. An e-mail alert system notifies the administrator whenever a task is failed on a client machine. The ability of PerfectLum to set up calibration and monitoring tasks from a central server contributes to considerable time and cost saving. With PerfectLum Suite Remote Control, QA supervisors will benefit from not spending money on travelling from one facility to another, and the hospitals they manage will not have to interrupt the workflow and will be able to focus on diagnostics.

Besides cutting down expenses on quality assurance, PerfectLum Suite enables hospitals to make additional cost savings. Utilizing the combination of quality consumer displays and PerfectLum Suite, healthcare facilities will make substantial cost savings, as compared to specialized medical displays, without having to compromise imaging quality.

A trial version of QUBYX PerfectLum Suite can be downloaded from website. A demo of Remote Control is also available from website.

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