Objective-Cologne: Early bird pricing only until the End of April

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[prMac.com] Kerpen, Germany - Manuel "StuFF mc" Carrasco Molina, owner of Pomcast.biz is organizing a Cocoa/Objective-C Conference on September 11th & 12th, in beautiful Cologne, Germany. "StuFF mc" is also know for its Pomcast podcast which interviewed among others Steve Wozniak, Aaron Hillegass and many Cocoa Developers. Over the years, many of those developers became closed friends to him and don't look any further, those friends are the speakers of the conference.

It's very important to note that even though it happens in Germany, the whole conference will happen in English. Each Session, Panel, Information will be given in English, and the whole "Team" will obviously attend you in English.

Names likes Mike Lee, Jason Harris, Ortwin Gentz, Drew MacCornack or the Aspeslagh Brothers might sound familiar to some of you. Mike has worked at Delicious Monsters, before starting a company called Tapulous, then working for the Mother Ship (Apple Inc) and now being the "Mayor of Appsterdam" in The Netherlands.

Jason Harris, once invited to the amazing "Evening at Adler" (in 2005) is known for his past work for Unsanity - softwares likes Shape Shifter or Mighty Mouse - but as well for his Open Source "Chicken Of The VNC", which was the only VNC Client on the Mac for a long time.

Ortwin Gentz is the lead developer of Future Tap GmbH, the company who bought from Tap Tap Tap the award-winning iPhone app "Where To?". Ortwin's app is seen from many as one of the most amazing on the platform and StuFF mc considers it a privilege to being part of the Future Tap team, since he worked on the Rails backend of Where To? 4.0.

Drew MacCornack is, just like Mike, known (among others) for being a regular Speaker at NSConference since 4 years. StuFF mc has attended enough (4) NSConference to be sure Drew's talk will be awesome. Drew is always both entertaining and technical. He won't be the only Australian in the room though, as at least one attendee will flight all the way from New South Wales, Australia.

Ken & Glen Aspeslagh are the twins behind "Ecamm", a company producing many useful tools like Call Recorder For Skype, Printopia, PhoneView, but also selling some amazing hardware like the BT-1, a Bluetooth Webcam. Ken and Glen will hold each a talk about Debugging and Polishing. Many other speakers will show us either the latest technology or let us discover tips & tricks or things we should all know about when dealing with iOS or Mac OS.

Objective-Cologne: Schedule:

Day 1
09:00 - Welcome & Registration
10:00 - Keynote: Mike Lee "WWSJD: What Would Steve Jobs Do?"
10:45 - Break
11:00 - Ortwin Gentz "iOS 5 UIAppearance - possibilities and beyond"
11:45 - Break
12:00 - Ken Aspeslagh "Debug Like a Rockstar Ninja Jedi Master"
12:45 - Lunch
13:45 - Alexander Repty "User Interface Testing Using UIAutomation"
14:30 - Break
14:45 - Wordcrafts "Localization: You should have seen me earlier, the Doctor said."
15:30 - Break
16:00 - Panel with the speakers of Day 1
17:00 - End of Day 1
19:00 - Conference Dinner

Day 2
10:00 - Drew McCormack "In Virtual Company: Going it Alone in Software"
10:45 - Break
11:00 - Nicolas Zinovieff "Video: Man, it's not THAT complicated!"
11:45 - Break
12:00 - Ken Aspeslagh "Debug Like a Rockstar Ninja Jedi Master"
12:45 - Lunch
13:45 - Jason Harris "Designing, Marketing and Distributing iOS Peripherals"
14:30 - Break
14:45 - Latenitesoft "Working for a big name"
15:30 - Break
16:00 - Panel with the speakers of Day 2
17:00 - End of Day 2

As you can see a pretty packed scheduled, with always at least 15 minutes break so the attendees can connect with each other. Each day a lunch will be served and on the first evening Attendees and Speakers will gather around a dinner (again, included in the Ticket price) allowing for more "relaxed" conversations. Each attendee will be welcomed with a Conference T-shirt. If you have any kind of question, do not hesitate to drop us a mail or contact over Twitter, Facebook, or directly via the "built-in" Chat on the Website.

For years, "StuFF mc" have had this in his mind: Organize his own Cocoa Developer Conference in Beautiful Cologne, in the middle of Europe. As awesome as many other conferences are, they always had that one thing being the problem. Either too far, not organized by a community guy, not in English, not enough international, or, so on.

So he finally made it. All the infos are on the website and tickets are available right now for 399 Euro + VAT, approximately $625.00 USD. This price doesn't include your flight or accommodation, but it does include lunch on both days, and even a dinner on the first day. Be aware that this is the "early bird" pricing, which will only last until April 30th, 2012, after which the price will be raised to 439 Euro + VAT.

After having done contracting in iOS Development since the launch of the iPhone SDK back in 2008, Pomcast.biz finally launched its first Indie Mac App called Disk Alarm. This app, which should be the start of a series of Mac and iOS Apps, will monitor your hard drive and alert you whenever it reached a predefined (by you) free space. Manuel "StuFF mc" Carrasco Molina is also an "Apple" podcaster and thus, community guy. This is the main reason for willing to organize his own conference. He believes in "focussed" conferences, and thus choose to concentrate on his preferred world, the one from Apple, as well as bring everyone in the same room, with a "one-session-for-all" Conference. Copyright (C) 2012 Pomcast.biz. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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