SabPub: Find Out if Your Mac is Infected and Remove it

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[] London, United Kingdom - We have developed and released an App that will scan your Mac to see if it has been infected with the latest SabPub malware and will delete it if present.

What is SabPub Malware?

The SabPub Malware is a low level threat Trojan that sends personal information from your Mac to an offending server, the Trojan is made to look like an Apple launcher, and also has a similar name to a real Apple launcher called "PubSub" so please don't confuse the two!

It should not be too serious, as the recent Apple security updates have stopped it from sending information out from your system, but the Trojan will still remain on your Mac.

What our App will do:

Once downloaded and launched, the App will search your Mac to see whether your system has this malware and will remove it, saving you the trouble of trawling through your system to find the offending launchers.

Upon detection it will delete the offending files, if your Mac was infected please restart after removal.

Please see the below references the download link available on our website and a screenshot of the app in action.

The app is free to download from our website.

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