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[prMac.com] Herdecke, Germany - Calories 3 is out now! The health program 3.0 provides you with numerous assistants to lose weight and track your blood pressure and blood sugar

An extensive update to Calories 3 has just been released on the Mac Appstore as well as at danholt4mac. Calories 3 introduces new, useful features to help you lose weight and track your body data.

The all new milestone assistant helps you reach and sustain your desired weight: You can specify your goal and the timeframe within which you wish to reach it. Calories will then calculate and display your daily calorie intake limits. At the end of the milestone you will have arrived at a caloric intake that can sustain your desired weight, once you have reached it. This eliminates the infamous yoyo-effect. You can set up as many manageable goals using milestones as you need.

"My Temptation" helps you resist any treats you might encounter. You can consult this assistant at any time, to see whether an "unplanned" treat might fit your dietary plan. My Temptation analyzes your personal dietary habits and gives you a direct recommendation. This lets you know if a treat is in order or if you had better cut back or burn off some calories. The activities panel lets you know how long any kind of sport will take to achieve this.

Tracking your body data now includes essential options: You can enter and analyze your blood pressure and blood sugar measurements. Additionally, the integration of measurement technologies using the iPhone has been expanded: You can now import data from your Withings Body Scales as well as your Withings Blood Pressure Monitor. Data import from Wahoo fitness products and the BodyMedia Armband will be available in Calories 3.1. We are currently also working on an automatic import of blood sugar measurements. Both the setup for data import from measurement devices as well as the sync-service for our iPhone client Cal2Go 2.0 has been improved and simplified.

The main new features for Calories 3:

Tracking your diet and activities:
* Entries can now be copied to the following date or today using a simple right click.
* Your goals and limits for the intake of nutrients are visualized using color coded graphs to indicate your progress.
* The caloric and nutrient content of individual meals is displayed.
* Track your activities by energy usage: Enter how many calories you wish to burn off by a certain activity and Calories will tell you how long this will take.

* User data: Choose your activity level from five different settings. This enables Calories to calculate your calorie requirement. Alternatively, you can enter your calorie requirement directly.
* Devices: Setting up data import from devices (e.g. Withings account) is now easier than ever before.
* Analysis: You can now enter your blood sugar values in either mg/dl or mmol/l.
Sync-Service: Setting up the synchronization account has been improved and simplified.

Measurements and analysis:
* Tracking your blood pressure: Systolic and diastolic values can be entered along with the heart rate and time. You can enter these values manually or import them from the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.
* Tracking your blood sugar: You can track your blood sugar using the units mg/dl or mmol/l. You can enter these values manually; we are working on implementing data import from devices.
* Analysis view offering five different chronological graphs: Weight, body analysis, blood pressure, blood sugar and caloric intake and usage.

New assistants:
* Milestone assistant: Specify your desired weight and the duration of the milestone. The assistant calculates the required reduction of your caloric intake and sets your daily limits correspondingly. In the end you will be given an intake limit that can sustain the weight you reached.
* "My Temptation": This assistant analyzes your dietary habits to give you feedback if a treat is in order or if you had better engage in some sports.

Data import:
* Data import from the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is supported.
* Data import from the Body Media Armband is supported. The calories you burned are automatically added to your list of activities. Available in Calories 3.1
* Data import from Wahoo devices (RunningSet, Bluetooth heart rate strap) is supported via Cal2Go for the iPhone. The calories you burned can be added to your list of activities in Calories using the synchronization function. Available in Calories 3.1

Database backup:
You can create a backup of your entire Calories database, including the different user accounts. This backup can be used to create an exact clone of your Calories installation on other computers.

* Calories in the Mac Appstore:
* Calories 2 is now available from the appstore for free. Version 2 is now updated to 2.9, offering technical improvements and will not be developed any further.
* Calories 3 is available at a reduced price of $9,99 until May 31, 2012. After this limited time offer Calories 3 will be $29,99.

Device Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
* 77.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
If you own Calories 2 you can update to Calories 3 for $9.99. A demo version of Calories 3, offering you 30 days to test all the new features is available. Cal2go 2, our iPhone client for synchronization with Calories 3 is available from the appstore for $2,99. An upgrade for Cal2Go 1 users is free of charge.

Located in Herdecke, Germany, danholt4mac is a privately held company founded in 2001 by Daniel Holtwiesche. Leveraging their longtime experience in third party development and localization, danholt Consulting Services is a premier solutions provider utilizing the most modern techniques for the Mac platform. Copyright (C) 2012 danholt. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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