Ilium Software Releases Apples2Oranges for the iPhone

January 26, 2009 in Lifestyle (E)

[] Ann Arbor, Mich - Ilium Software has just released Apples2Oranges for the iPhone and iPod touch. With Apples2Oranges users can convert, calculate and compare in one step - it's the only tool they'll need for comparison shopping.

Apples2Oranges saves money by comparing the prices of two items, even when their sizes are not the same. For example, Apples2Oranges can calculate the better buy: 78 vitamins for $5.99 or 56 for $4.99. It also compares prices for items displayed in different units - like when one roll of wrapping paper is measured in feet, and another in meters. Apples2Oranges handles the conversion and comparison in one step. Users just enter the info and find out the real price per foot for each one.

In addition to price info, Apples2Oranges compares nutritional info, making it easier for people to watch what they eat. It comes in handy when labels list things like calories, sodium, and sugar in different serving sizes. So it's simple to figure out which is better: a 1 cup serving of something with 300 calories, or a 180 milliliter serving with 200 calories.

Apples2Oranges is available now on the iTunes App Store for only $4.99 (USD). It pays for itself with the money saved after using it just a few times. More information about Apples2Oranges can be found on Ilium Software's website.

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