Manhattan Introduces Stealth - A Touch Mouse for the Tablet Generation

April 24, 2012 in Accessories (E)

[] Tampa, Florida - The computer mouse was invented back in the 1960s, and with few exceptions it looks and works the same as it did back then...until now. Manhattan today unveiled a re-imagined mouse for the tablet generation: Stealth. With an ultra-sleek , contoured design, Stealth is a Touch Mouse that lets you access and interact with Web content from a PC or Mac with a simple tap or swipe of your clicking, no scroll wheel, no buttons.

The first two things you will notice about the Stealth are its graceful, slipper shaped body and elegant SilkTouch coating. The body of the Stealth is ergonomically engineered to eliminate wrist strain and position your fingers for optimal use while surfing the Web, checking Facebook or just about anything else. Meanwhile, the SilkTouch coating gives the Stealth a very sophisticated, upscale look and lets your fingers to slide gently along the mouse's curved surface.

Simplicity was our goal in designing the Stealth, and that meant eliminating all buttons and mechanical controls. The front control area of the Stealth is set-up to allow completely intuitive Web browsing, and an experience much more akin to using a tablet or smartphone than a traditional mouse. Left click and right click functions are still there, but is accomplished with a delicate tap of your finger, as opposed to a noisy, heavy-handed "click". A simple slide your finger over the center of the the Stealth results in smooth, super-responsive scrolling of Web pages and other online content. The high-resolution laser detects even the subtlest of hand movements for precision control, and specially coated feet allow the mouse to glide almost frictionlessly across your desktop or mouse pad. All this adds up to a mouse whose functionality is as simple and unique as it looks.

According to Dave Sousa, Global Brand Manager for Manhattan, "With Stealth , we wanted people to experience a whole new way to surf the web from their computer. So, we boiled the standard mouse down to its barest essentials, and then introduced bleeding-edge Curve-Touch technology that gives the user completely intuitive controls more like a tablet or smartphone than an old computer mouse."

The process resulted in a graceful, ergonomically shaped device optimized for everyday use - whether it be surfing the Web, checking Facebook or just about anything else. The front control area of the Stealth is set-up to allow left click and right click functionality, but with a delicate, noiseless tap of the finger, as opposed to a "click". Scrolling is accomplished with a simple swipe of the finger over the center of the Stealth. Meanwhile, the matte black SilkTouch coating gives the Stealth a very sophisticated, upscale look and allows the user's fingers to slide gently along the curved surface.

Outside of the fact that it is the only Touch Mouse on the market with absolutely no moving parts or mechanical controls, the Stealth is also unique in that it can also function as a wireless presenter up to 10-meters (33-feet) from its connected computer. Page transitions are controlled with a mere left-right swipe of the thumb, and when placed back on a solid surface, the Stealth transitions back to its regular operating mode.

The Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse can be used with either a PC or a Mac, and is plug-and-play ready right out of the box so there are no drivers or software to install. It comes with a wireless 2.4GHz nano USB transceiver for connecting to your computer and requires two AAA batteries for operation. The Stealth will be available in North America and Europe this May, and will carry a MSRP of $69.99US.

Since 1992, Manhattan has been committed to providing dynamic computer and consumer electronic accessories that enhance the digital experience for people at work, at home, or on the go. Building on decades of success, Manhattan continues to be a global leader in the tablet and PC accessories arena by offering an extensive range of cutting-edge products that meet today's lifestyle demands for versatility and freedom. Manhattan products not only inspire people to stay connected, but they also provide power, protection and control solutions to users in over 100 countries. Manhattan is a trademark of IC Intracom, registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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