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[] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - "Many users of our popular Teleprompt application have asked us about making an app for prompting song lyrics." said Gene Whitaker, CEO of Bombing Brain Interactive. "We're all musicians at this company, so we understood exactly why they were asking. And we used our personal stage experience to create the best app for that purpose."

Setlists was designed for performing musicians who need to keep track of a large catalog of lyrics and who need to keep an entire group of musicians informed about which song is coming next. The old tried-and-true method of writing song lists by hand with a black magic marker and taping copies in various places on the stage has limitations that modern technology can easily overcome. That large paper catalog of lyric sheets is likewise begging to be replaced by a device like the iPad.

Setlists allows musicians to organize groups of songs from their repertoires into individual performance sets which can be viewed full-screen for easy live readability on stages of all sizes and lighting conditions. Rearrange songs in a set quickly and easily with just a few taps for last-minute set changes. Tap on any song in a set to see the lyrics displayed full screen, in large type, one verse, chorus, or bridge at a time. Format the look of the lyric view with different typeface, size, and color choices.

Start a remote Jam Session, and several iPads can be connected together wirelessly, sharing the same sets and advancing the lyrics in sync, all controlled from a single device by one band member or an off-stage technician. Each member can choose to see the set view, the lyric view, or a split view of both.

Groups that improvise sets can also make spontaneous choices or take requests directly from their catalog during a live performance. Quickly search the catalog and bring up the lyrics to a particular song in seconds.

Setlists can connect with a Dropbox or Google Docs account for easy transfer of lyrics files. Users can also perform an in-app search for lyrics on the web for easy importing into the song catalog. Users can split lyrics by verse/chorus/bridge, or any way they choose. See as many or as few of the upcoming lines as fits the needs of the singer. Advance to the next part of the song with a swipe, or use the popular AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal controller for hands-free operation.

Setlists requires an iPad (1st, 2nd or 3rd generation) running iOS 5.0 or later. All graphics are optimized for Retina Display on the 3rd generation iPad. A full description of features and requirements can be found in the Setlists User Manual, which can be found on the in-app help screen and on the Setlists web site in PDF format. A free, interactive iBooks version of the manual will be available soon on the iBookstore as well.

* Unlimited Setlists: Arrange your songs into sets and display them full screen during live performance
* Song Catalog: Add lyrics for all your songs and place them into the searchable song catalog
* Import Lyrics: Add songs to your catalog via Cut and Paste, Dropbox, Google Docs, and In-app Web Search
* Easily Readable and Customizable Display: Setlists gives you complete control over your lyric prompting
* Customize Your Own Page Breaks: Setlists will automatically break pages where you have blank lines in your text. Split your lyrics by verse/chorus/bridge, or any way you choose.
* Wireless Footpedal Support: With the AirTurn BT-105 foot pedals, you can quickly advance to the next verse or chorus hands-free
* Remote Control: Designate one band member or a stage hand as the official lyric and setlist prompter, then let that person control everyone's setlist and lyric prompting
* Bluetooth Keyboard Support: Control Setlists wirelessly via a bluetooth keyboard

Pricing and Availability:
Setlists 1.0 is available on the App Store for the price of $9.99 (USD) in the Music category.

Bombing Brain Interactive is an independently owned and operated company located in the Philadelphia, PA area. Its mission is to identify fun and unconventional uses for Apple's revolutionary mobile products and make them a reality. Its Teleprompt applications for iPad, iPhone, and OS X are industry standards for professional teleprompter software solutions. Copyright (C) 2012 Bombing Brain Interactive. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Gene Whitaker
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