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TrailRunner 1.4 Released - Plan and analyze your Workout Routes

Frankfurt am Main,  DE   May 25, 2007 in Software


TrailRunner, the route planning software for people doing any kind of long distance sports, is now updated to a new version. If you are an enthusiast doing endurance sports like running, biking, hiking and inline-skating, TrailRunner lets you download information from a Nike + iPod Sport Kit or fitness devices like the Garmin Forerunner or Edge.


[] Manage your personal trail network inside an interactive map, view the exact paths you travel, calculate and plan new workout routes for any distance, analyze your workouts and store the progress of your fitness activities directly on your Mac.

The new release lets you view a detailed graph of your recorded workout data and offers tools to analyze the speed, heart rate, cadence, elevation and ascent at any location or any selected range. In addition, you can categorize and journal your workouts based on the type of activity, such as walking, running, biking or swimming and review previous workouts, which are saved by day and week.

Using international online services like from Nasa and USGS, TrailRunner loads topographic maps and elevation profiles to help you layout a personalized network of trails on an interactive background map. Name, comment and rate your favorite courses and let TrailRunner suggest workout routes by distance and enjoyable rating.

It's not only that TrailRunner tells you how far your accustomed workout routes are, TrailRunner additionally enables you to find new variations and new combinations. Thats a real motivation boost. And on top of that TrailRunner exports small NanoMaps onto your iPod to give you route directions and pace check-points for during your workout.

The following magazines already printed a review of TrailRunner: french SVM Mac magazine, UK MacFormat magazine, german MacLife magazine and german c't magazine. TrailRunner is rated 4 stars at versiontracker and 4 1/2 stars at macupdate.


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TrailRunner is a freeware that welcomes donations. The author itself is an enthusiast for long distance sports and for developing this likeable piece of software.
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TrailRunner - route planning for long distance sports.


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