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[] Doncaster, England - is proud to introduce smile count 1.0 for iOS. smile count is an amazing idea. With 6 game modes: pulled, vain, behaviour, kind, free play and employee, you can now see how the world truly views you. Are you good at your job? How vain is your friend? How are you looking today? Plus many, many more.

The app comes with a hilarious sound board that will have you smiling all the way to the top of smile count. thehermonapps will never add adverts to smile count or in app purchases, pay for smile count once and its yours forever with free updates forever. Simple and easy to use with many play modes. Dare you be judged by smile count?

Game modes and examples how to play:

Pulled: On a night out with the lads or the ladies, you all have smile count on your iPhone and whenever you get a big sexy ;-) you hit smile, but if you get denied hit frown. At the end of the night the person with the highest positive count wins, and looks hot hot hot.

Kind: If you keep getting told you're a nasty piece of work, play kind mode. Whenever you do something kind and make somebody smile hit smile, but wind someone up or upset them hit frown. At the end of the day see if you have managed to do more kind things for people than you have upset people.

Vain: If you think you're god's gift to women or men, play vain mode. Every time you see somebody who is good enough for your super-self hit smile, but see any pigs hit frown. When the day as finished, the further in the negative you are the more of a "big headed" pig your are.

Employee: If you are the boss and feel your employees are slacking, keep a count of them with employee mode. Whenever they do something to upset a customer, or another employee hit frown. But whenever they make a customer smile hit smile. At the end of their shift if they are in the negative sack them.

Behavior: Set some goals for you child i.e. if they get 5 they can stay up late, but get negative 5 its bed early etc. Then, every time your child listens to you and behaves hit smile, but if they are naughty hit frown. Then, half an hour before bedtime if the are in the - they go bed, but if they hit 5 they can stay up for an hour.

Free play: Download free play and you make the rules. If you see a girl with a cute bum or a man hit smile. At the end of the night or shift (whatever) check the count and see how many hotties you have seen.

Sound board: Smile Count is also a hilarious sound board. Where you can boo people or cheer people. Every button on the game has a saying or a sound. Great for when somebody is annoying you.

Quiet mode: Just turn the sound off on your mobile and you have a counter i.e a bouncer at a club who needs to keep count of customers. Someone who needs to keep head counts etc...

Device Requirements:
* iOS 5.1 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* 2.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
smile count 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

Located in Doncaster, England, is a company set up by Craig Smart on 04/04/2012. Our aims is to make apps for your business and apps that you (the people) want. Right now the company is just a hobby, but this time next year i hope to be running website full time. We are also under development to make the biggest iPhone movie quiz app which should be out for Christmas. So if you want to get involved and help us make the apps that you the people want come and join us at our website.


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