All xMount iPad-Holders and Stands are now fit for the new iPad 3

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[] Friedberg, Germany - The iPad is very comfortable to work with when starting apps, sending e-mails, playing games or visiting web sites. There are many situations in which the iPad is ok on its own. In the private sector it may be used to watch movies, video clips, TV shows or a slideshow. In the business world it is the perfect tool to be used as information terminal. In a waiting room, a corporate lobby, a trade show or a restaurant, the tablet may show a presentation, an image film, a data sheet, a menu or other information to interested parties. In all of these cases a holder or stand is needed.

xMount is one of the world's first companies to develop and market holders and support systems for the iPad. CEO Benjamin Herman: "Under the brand name xMount we are now offering more than a dozen holders and support systems for the iPad. At trade shows or stores an anti-theft protection may be set - for private use, and without security, our systems are perfect to use in the living room, the kitchen or even in the car. We are very pleased that we are now able to offer ALL our products in an iPad-3 compatible version - internationally."

xMount is fit for the iPad 3: Keeping the new iPad absolutely secure!

As one of the first providers of stands for the iPad, xMount has a considerable know-how advantage. All stands and holders offered by xMount feature a special base. The iPad will be inserted into the base and stay securely and immovably locked in place. This particular slide-in-technology is trademark protected and provides solid stabilization, no matter what.

The xMount product portfolio is extremely versatile and includes some of the following:

Business: The iPad in the business environment
In a business environment the xMount@Stand Energie iPad Floor Stand is in particularly high demand. It may be placed directly on the floor, so that the iPad is situated at waist level and all content is easily visible. This version is very popular at trade shows, car dealerships, waiting rooms or corporate lobbies. The floor stand is easily detected by anyone seeking information. A car dealership may use it for an iPad presentation by placing it alongside a car model.

An alternative to the rigid base is the xMount@Flex Secure iPad Lounge Stand. It features a completely flexible gooseneck and includes iPad theft protection, that will make it impossible for unauthorized individuals to remove the iPad from its holder.

For someone's own desk the xMount@Desk Secure is absolutely ideal. The table stand safely encloses the iPad and lets the owner work hands-free. It comes with an anti-theft device and features a charge mode for the iPad.

Car: Never be without the iPad
The iPad in the car? But of course! Even when on the road xMount-Technique reports for duty. The xMount@Car iPad Mounting Bracket secures the iPad to the console of the car, by means of a suction cup. This way it may be used as a navigation tool, to display the way from point A to B in the largest possible manner.

For the kids in the back of the car there is the xMount@Car iPad Headrest Holder. It enables the user to secure the iPad to the front seats, so that the kids in the back may watch a movie on the iPad.

Home: Home sweet home - my very own iPad
Within someone's own house and home the xMount@Desk iPad Table Holder will place the iPad right on the desk, or even the coffee table. A heavy base ensures proper stability. A gooseneck bracket lets the user adjust the iPad to the desired angle, in order to surf the Web or look for family photos while in the living room - and the iPad may be charged at the same time.

Based in Friedberg, Germany, Benjamin Herrman is the owner of Benjamin Herrman Handels UG, the developer of the xMount iPad-Holder. xMount, the market-leading iPad/iPad 2 and iPad 3 holder, is an intelligent system comprising various holders particularly developed for the iPad iPad 2 and iPad 3. xMount increases the usability of your iPad-devices and therewith the pleasure you will have with it. Copyright (C) 2012 Benjamin Herrman Handels UG. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.