iOS Games Workshop - Great deal on how to make software easily

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[] Toronto, Canada - You've come to the right place because with this informational video course you're going to get over 8.5 hours of full blown knowledge thrown at you that will teach you how to build an iPhone/iPad game using Free third party piece of software.

Ever wanted to learn how to build an iPhone and iPad game but don't know how to code? For a limited amount of time you can take this comprehensive course on how to make software without writing a single line of code. There is no course on the internet today that gives you this level of quality. For a limited time you can enjoy this course for only 79 dollars. Act now and you can save 100 dollars.

Learning how to program can take months if not years and let's be real ... we just don't have that much time on our hands! With this video course you'll learn how to create iPhone & iPad games without using a single line of code!

Who Should Take This Course?
* This course is aimed at beginners who want to make games Today

Who Should Not take it?
* Experienced programmers who know what they are doing
* This course is meant for people who don't want to program (or want an easier starting point than traditional coding courses)

What You'll Need:
* A Mac computer (recommended to have the latest version) - software only works with Mac
* Game Salad - the Free third party software that you need to download

Meet Your Instructor, John Bura:
John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive. This company produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, android, HTML 5, ad-games and more. Plus he's a program advisor for a game design college.

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