Press Release War of Words Apocalypse for iOS - Word Strategy Game with Nuclear Bombs May 07, 2012 in Games Wolf Studios has announced War of Words Apocalypse for iOS, the newest entry in the War of Words series. Apocalypse is a hybrid word/strategy game that incorporates Action Tiles in addition to letters. The 12 Action Tiles include Nuclear Bomb, Black Hole, and Portal. It promises up to four players per match, player levels, titles, and avatars, skill-based matchmaking, and a variety of board layouts. Expansion Packs add even more tiles and boards. It will be available worldwide on June 29, 2012. [] Portland, Oregon - Wolf Studios has announced the upcoming release of War of Words Apocalypse for iOS, a new entry in their successful word strategy game series that features Action Tiles in addition to Letter Tiles. Played much like other crossword games, the War of Words series adds a new level of strategy by allowing players to play both Action and Letter tiles during their turn. War of Words Apocalypse is the most action-packed word game yet, introducing new Action Tiles including Nuclear Bomb, Black Hole, Blaster, Poison, Medic, and Portal tiles. Players can destroy the entire board with a Nuclear Bomb, poison their opponents over several turns, zap an entire row of tiles with a Blaster, or play their words through Portals for the ultimate mind-bending crossword experience. In Apocalypse, players start at level 1 and work their way up as they play. At each level, players unlock a new Action Tile and one or more new board layouts. This level curve eases players into the game slowly, teaching them new mechanics one at a time. War of Words Apocalypse is the ideal word game for players who enjoy a healthy dose of strategy and action. There are explosions at every turn, and players who find themselves on the losing side can often use Action Tiles to regain the lead. The scoring math from the original War of Words is redesigned in Apocalypse, making the game much more fair and balanced. There are nearly 100 achievements to attempt, and successful players will earn new Titles and Avatars to show off their impressive accomplishments. Action Tiles: * Multiplier Tiles multiply scoring of letters and words (12 types) * Star Tiles let players play a word anywhere * Bomb Tiles destroy letter tiles in a square * Shield Tiles protect areas from opponents * Titanium Tiles are indestructible, serving to block other actions * Extra Turn Tiles allow players to play two turns in a row * Poison Tiles poison players over several turns * Medic Tiles grant points to players over several turns * Blaster Tiles destroy letters in a straight line across the board * Black Hole Tiles grow to a large size, destroying everything in their path * Portal Tiles let you warp part of your word to an arbitrary place on the board * Nuclear Bomb Tiles destroy the entire board and upgrade all the multipliers on the board * More Actions are planned for Expansion Packs, including Rain, Fire, and Lightning Feature Highlights: * Based on the standard, online, crossword gameplay loved by word gamers worldwide * Players are no longer limited to just letter tiles - Action Tiles are now included * 12 unique Action Tiles * 19 different board layouts * Boards are more colorful and vibrant with the addition of scenery tiles * Players level up as they play, making the game easier to learn over time * Using the Reserves, players can bring in an Action Tile of their choice at any time (once per game) * Players unlock special Titles and Avatars to show off their achievements * Players can purchase Avatar Packs from the in-game Store * Support for up to four players in a single match * Combat Log feature lets you keep track of everything that happened during each turn * Head-to-Head Statistics let you track your record against various groups of opponents * The Armory gives players a central area to learn about all the Action Tiles * Expansion Packs offer still more Action Tiles and board layouts, along with an increased level cap * Valor Rating system accurately gauges player skill for matchmaking and ranking * Scoring math streamlined, making the game fairer and more balanced * Play online with up to 50 friends at once, or play at home with friends using Pass and Play * Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards * Online chat * Push notifications let users know when it is their turn to play "This is the ultimate action-packed word game," commented Jeremy Fuller of Wolf Studios. "There is so much destruction going on, so many chances to win even after you think you're losing, that it really appeals to players interested in turn-based strategy games. At this point it's still a word game at heart, but we're way beyond that. Adding the level system really helps slowly introduce players to all the mechanics, so it's much easier to learn than the original War of Words." Device Requirements: * iPhone 3GS/4/4S, or iPad 1/2/3 * Requires iOS 5.0 or later * Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices * 48 MB * Internet connection required (WiFi or Cellular) * Game Center account required Pricing and Availability: War of Words Apocalypse will be available worldwide on June 29, 2012, exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Pricing has not yet been announced. Based in Portland, Oregon, and founded in 2001, Wolf Studios is the independent side project of Jeremy Fuller. Jeremy focuses on designing high quality, engaging applications and games. An enterprise software developer by day, Jeremy has over 24 years of experience in software development, graphic design, web design, and other media. In 2010, he joined the ranks of mobile developers. His first product for the iOS platform, Bourbon Enthusiast, was a success with the niche crowd of bourbon connoisseurs. In February of 2011, his first game was released: War of Words. Aiming to take the social word game experience to the next level, War of Words incorporates more than just simple spelling. The follow-up in the War of Words series, War of Words Apocalypse, adds a player level system, support for four-player games, and 6 new Action Tiles. It features Expansion Packs that add still more Actions and new boards. Copyright (C) 2012 Wolf Studios. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### Jeremy Fuller Founder and Developer Heidi Fuller
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