Presentation Prompter 5 Launches - Turn your Mac into a Teleprompter

May 11, 2012 in Software (E)

[] Pomona, California - Ripeware, LLC today is proud to announce the immediate availability of Presentation Prompter 5, an app that turns your Mac into a teleprompter and helps you deliver successful presentations. Built for live performers, speakers, newscasters, actors, narrators, and anyone who has ever used cue cards or read from a script, Presentation Prompter 5 significantly improves its dual-screen support, reading tools, script editing, and bookmarks.

Smooth, Dual-Screen Scrolling:
A brand new prompting engine supports smooth scrolling on one screen or two. The script on the talent screen can also be flipped for use in mirror enclosures. A teleprompter operator sees exactly what the talent sees on his own screen, improving communication between the operator and the talent. Accommodate any speaking rate or text size with higher-precision speed controls using a keyboard, trackpad, or a dedicated remote.

Reading Tools:
Refine a presentation with tools that address the details. Maintain reading position with an adjustable focus arrow, and minimize talent eye movement with one-click margins. An on-screen clock and remaining time estimate help presenters stay within allotted times. Accidental edits, screen saver activation, and other interferences are automatically prevented while prompting.

Built-In Script Editing:
Write and modify scripts in a dedicated editing environment within Presentation Prompter - there's no need to use a separate app. Highlight speaker names, use a special style for difficult-to-pronounce words, and space lines to make them easier to read. Add emphasis with any combination of fonts, colors, spacing, and images. Existing content in Microsoft Word, RTF, or other common file formats can be imported.

Powerful Bookmarks:
Use bookmarks to navigate a large script or rehearse specific parts. Mark a section of interest and jump to it instantly from the bookmarks menu. Find the right spot by naming the bookmarks and seeing live previews of the nearby text.

System Requirements:
* Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.2 or newer

Pricing and Availability:
A free trial, which allows prompting sessions of up to three minutes, is available from the Presentation Prompter site. Purchasing a license will remove the three-minute limitation. New licenses can be bought for $99 USD. Upgrade and volume discounts are also available, and customers who bought Presentation Prompter in 2012 are eligible for a free upgrade.

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