JL Software Adds Email To Mafia Boss - Mafia Game Tracker for iPhone

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[prMac.com] Atlanta, Georgia - JL Software announces the release of version 1.4 of its popular Mafia game tracking application Mafia Boss. The 1.4 update adds the most frequently requested feature: users can now send an email summary of the current game status (vote counts, players remaining, and virtual Day or Night phase) to themselves or any other email address at any time during the game, preserving a snapshot of the game status for later review.

Mafia Boss allows players of the online or party role-playing game "Mafia" (aka "Werewolf") to keep track of the progress of a game on their iPhone or iPod touch. The role-playing, mystery, and psychological game of Mafia is popular around the world. It is played face-to-face at gatherings, or online in a forum.

The game pits an uninformed majority (the Town) against an invading informed minority (the Mafia). As discussion proceeds, the Town tries to identify the Mafia and the Mafia tries to avoid detection and blend in with the Town. The Town can vote to eliminate a player suspected of being Mafia, and the Mafia can strike at night to eliminate members of the Town.

Mafia Boss allows iPhone and iPod touch users to record votes and Mafia strikes, and keep track of remaining players and non-voting players. The 1.4 release allows a user to email snapshots of the game status at any point in the game, for later reference in planning game strategy.

Mafia Boss manages and tracks all plays in a game of Mafia. With Mafia Boss, the player can
* Record votes as they occur with three finger taps
* See at a glance who voted for whom, and how close to elimination (lynch) each player is
* See at a glance how many votes it takes to eliminate
* See which players haven't cast a vote yet
* Add a new or replacement player at any time, and votes automatically change to reflect the name of the new or replacement player
* Remove a player at any time and that player's vote and votes against are removed
* Cast a vote, and any existing vote that player has cast is unvoted automatically
* Automatically detects and declares "twilight", or time of majority vote
* Indicates Day or Night phase, and the current day or night number
* Enter the nighttime Mafia action by two taps, or indicate that there was no successful night action
* Try out scenarios of voting to see the effects, then return to the current state.

With Mafia Boss on the iPhone or iPod touch, players never have to add up votes and unvotes or calculate how many each player has, or guess how close to a majority vote any player is.

Mafia Boss handles scoring and day/night changes for any number of players. Players can be added or removed, or replaced, at any time. The game status is preserved in its exact state when the user switches to another iPhone app, or pauses to receive a call. Complete instructions for use are included in the game application, available with a single tap.

JL Software is an independent Macintosh and iPhone/iPod touch developer and has been creating compelling applications for Macintosh computers since 2001 and the iPhone/iPod touch platforms since 2008. JL Software develops exclusively for Mac OS X and iPhone OS, and has extensive experience in programming in Objective-C and Cocoa for the Apple platforms. Copyright 2008-2009 JL Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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