DX1 Now Available for Mac Enthusiasts

February 5, 2009 in Hardware (E)

[prMac.com] Cupertino, California - Polymicro Systems, Ergodex and Solitude Northwest have teamed up to bring the power of the DX1 to Mac users. Polymicro Systems has developed and supports KeyJack, software which enables the DX1 from Ergodex to run on a Mac. Now Mac enthusiasts can take advantage of this breakthrough technology that gives people a powerful new tool to control their computers.

The DX1 is a powerful tool that lets you build a completely personalized computer interface. You can easily create functions for your existing programs and assign them to the DX1 Keys. You can arrange (and rearrange) the position of the DX1 Keys on the Pad to suit your particular preferences or work style. The DX1 Input System is compatible with most programs that use a keyboard for input, including: Web Browsers, Email Programs, Graphics Packages, Word Processors, Games, Video Editing Software and Office Applications.

The DX1 system lets people reassign keys on the fly as their needs change. Keys contain no wires or batteries. And because they have an adhesive surface, keys can be repositioned whenever desired. The ability to reassign and reposition keys at will means the DX1 offers the ultimate in flexibility. As people's needs change, they can change their input systems.

The DX1 Input System in Action -

Digital Content Creation
Professionals using Digital Content Creation tools like CS4, Toon Boom and CorelDraw can create their best work by using a more intuitive customized interface. The DX1 will help facilitate the capture of your "live ideas" by reducing the need for mousing and complex key commands that interrupt the flow of your creativity.

Assistive Technology
The DX1 Input System recognizes the shortcomings of the keyboard and mouse in dealing with the special needs of individuals with impaired motor skills, blind/low vision conditions, cognitive impairments and/or communication disabilities, making the DX1 a must have for assistive technology solutions centered around the Mac.

Educators working in a Mac environment now have a new tool to help present material to students. The DX1 can be customized to meet the needs of the individual student to make learning less difficult.

Cad - Engineering
Work faster and easier. The DX1 allows you to keep your eyes focused on the screen rather than fumbling around the keyboard executing complex keyboard commands. Complete projects quickly when you're "in the zone" using the DX1.

Entertainment - Gaming
Originally designed with gamers in mind, the DX1 is the ultimate weapon for the gaming battlefield. Customize your layout, dominate the competition and play at peak performance.

Pricing and Availability:
The cost of the DX1 Input System with KeyJack is $164.95 (USD) and consists of a pad, 25 keys, a removable clear tray, and key labels. Accessories include 25 additional keys, additional trays and key labels. The DX1 pad connects via a USB cable and supports Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, Windows 2000 and XP operating systems, with support for Vista to follow.

About Solitude Northwest
Solitude Northwest was created to provide a place for Ergodex third party developers to offer their products to customers. Our mission is to create an online community for all things Ergodex.

About Ergodex
Founded in 2000, Ergodex is a leader in providing people with dramatically improved ways of interacting with computers and other intelligent equipment. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, the company is privately held. The company's name is based on two Latin words: Ergo (therefore) and Dexter (right side, dexterity). Ergodex technology helps people gain the upper hand in controlling increasingly complex programs and software. The new Ergodex Sensor Platform (ESP) technology is the next logical step in the keyboard mouse continuum. Ergodex technology allows people to interact with computers in ways that are more intuitive, dynamic, and powerful. Ergodex, DX1, and Ergodex Sensor Platform are trademarks of Ergodex.

About Polymicro Systems
Founded in 1981, Polymicro Systems is a software development firm specializing in creating and supporting applications for Apple products.


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