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[] London, United Kingdom - =Hi-Fi pioneers and digital gurus Arcam of Cambridge UK, introduce the Arcam rPAC, a very high performance USB DAC & Headphone Amp designed to extract stunning High-end audiophile sound, from any Mac/PC, laptop or desktop.

USA $249.99 tax / UK 150.00

* Portable Personal Digital Audio Converter
* Asynchronous USB for best sound
* Portable USB bus-powered, small enough for travel
* High-end headphone sound from computers anywhere
* Part of Arcam's new extended rSeries

* Improves sound from Mac
* Massively improves sound from PC

* Designed for Music Lovers, Recording Engineers and Digital DJs

Digital DJ Note:
* Improve gig sound by feeding desk from the DAC line-out
* Improve monitoring volume and quality using the headphone amp

The Arcam rPAC is a USB, bus powered DAC and headphone amplifier designed to dramatically improve the audio performance of PC and MAC computers. It is designed and produced by Arcam, one of the world's most prestigious audio engineering companies with over thirty years of experience in high-end Hi-Fi.

* Bypasses poor-quality audio circuits found in all computers
* Connect to any computer by USB (asynchronous USB)
* Drive any headphones including expensive home models
* And/or feed and play through any hi-fi system

Using a digital to analogue converter (DAC) normally found in very high end HiFi components and Arcam's world-class audio circuitry, the rPAC takes audio files stored on a MAC or PC and delivers converts them into beautiful music with stunning clarity and precision. Its USB power system means no 'wall wart' PSU is needed and the choice of line level output or headphones socket allows you to share the musical enjoyment with friends or keep it all to yourself!

Asynchronous USB Technology delivers a huge improvement for computer music Most USB DACs suffer from a high level of noise and jitter due to the computer being responsible for the timing in the playback. The rPAC eliminates this problem using specially developed Asynchronous USB Technology, usually reserved for expensive high-end HiFi and professional audio applications. Asynchronous USB delivers a marked improvement in sound quality over the standard USB adaptive system used by most competitors.

The rPAC takes the signal from the computer via USB and re clocks and de-jitters the signal and delivers it through a low noise output stage direct to your system amp analogue input or via its high quality headphone amplifier. The resulting improvement in sound is astonishing.

* High-End Asynchronous USB technology input for Mac & PC
* High-quality audiophile-grade TI Burr-Brown PCM5102 chipset
* Arcam's high-end audio circuitry and components
* Enhanced RF suppression for noisy digital environments
* Mechanically stable - heavy cast aluminium enclosure - damped rubber base

Low output impedance - best sound with all headphones:
At typically 0.6 ohms at 1kHz or "less than 1 ohm" the output impedance is less than most competing products. A high output impedance can affect the frequency response of the far too many models of headphones and in-earphones whose impedance varies a lot with frequency. With the rPAC this is not a problem

Compact - discreet - tough - portable:
The rPAC will sit discreetly beside any desktop or laptop computer and is constructed using a durable, precision cast aluminium case. Designed for music lovers everywhere it is ideal for the home, office or on the road.

* Works with PC or Mac computers
* Dramatically improves audio performance
* No driver required (Win7, XP, Mac OSX)
* Variable Headphones or Fixed Line level output
* USB bus powered - no PSU required
* Totally portable

1985 - Arcam invent the outboard DAC:
Arcam was the first company to add outboard digital to analogue (DAC) conversion as a sonic upgrade and the 'Arcam Black Box' went on to define a whole new product category. Arcam now sell class-leading DACS from 150 to 2000.

Arcam's New rSeries:
The rPAC is second in a series of Digital Micro Components for computer and iPhone Smartphone use. All come from a high-end audio background and are serious performance designs.

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Arcam of Cambridge, pioneers of the modern Hi-Fi industry are one of the world's most prestigious audio engineering companies, with over thirty years of experience building both affordable and high-end HiFi and Home Cinema equipment. Arcam research and design their world-class products in Cambridge UK and a still manufacture a substantial amount of kit in the UK. Arcam is a global authority on Digital Audio and the design of precision clock circuits and general digital and analogue audio engineering are Arcam's core strengths.


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