W1PPS combines all your peripheral cords and plugs in one device

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[prMac.com] Kenosha, Wisconsin - W1PPS is like a docking station for 15" MacBook Pro laptops except that it has a 6ft tail coming from its single plug that allows you to hide all of your connections under or behind your desk eliminating all unsightly cables. In addition the W1PP features (4) extra USB ports and a "TRON" like light bar that glows when plugged in to the computer.

Designed by Veritas Forge a product design company in Kenosha Wisconsin. Veritas Forge has launched a Kickstarter Campaign in an effort to raise awareness and funding for the first production run of product due early September 2012. W1PPS' upper hub, which is the part that plugs into the side of the computer, incorporates built-in plugs for Ethernet, FireWire, an external monitor, USB (that gets split four ways), mic/line in, and headphones/line out. Because the spacing of these plugs matches the spacing of the ports on the MacBook, the whole hub can be plugged in at once.

The upper hub also features readily-accessible USB and media card ports, along with a front-facing headphone jack. All of the necessary cords are combined into one rear-mounted fat cable, that runs to the bottom hub - this could be located on the floor, or somewhere else where space and clutter aren't such big issues. That hub contains the ports that correspond to all of the plugs on the upper hub, and is what all of the peripherals are left permanently plugged into. The cable's rubber sheath also has a molded slot along one side, which the computer's MagSafe power cord can be pushed into.

Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Veritas Forge is a small product development firm founded by three partners. Founded by Jeff Flaningam and Gordon Crum, the partnership has merged extensive fabrication and prototyping experience with top-tier product design capability. In early 2012, an already valuable Osmar Aguilar was made partner. The company practices both industrial and mechanical design in various market sectors. We have helped hundreds of private inventors and businesses alike bring products to market, and now branching out with ideas of their own design. Copyright (C) 2012 Veritas Forge. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook Pro are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.