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New Product Allows the Easy Installation of Mac OS X in a PC

Altamonte Springs, FLORIDA    Feb 09, 2009 in Announcements


The Revolutionary EFI-X allows the trouble-free and easy Installation of Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and Windows in a Generic PC. PC users for the first time in history have the freedom to natively run the best operating systems in the market without any virtualization software or any software patches. The EFI-X is a simple internal USB device that connects to the motherboard's USB header and provides a native EFI interface to any BIOS-based computer.


[] Florida, U.S.A. - Art Studios Entertainment Media (represented in North America by its agent, EFI-X(TM) North America) released this past September its EFI-X(TM) USB product, a new and revolutionary USB internal module that allows almost any desktop personal computer (PC) user to install Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, Linux, and all versions of Microsoft Windows in an EFI environment, following Intel's specifications. EFI-X(TM) is the only BPU (Boot Processing Unit) that provides a full EFI (Extended Firmware Interface) environment to a generic PC that still runs the limiting and antiquated BIOS firmware.

With EFI-X(TM), almost anybody with a regular PC (providing its hardware is part of EFI-X(TM)'s Hardware Compatibility List) will be able to run almost any EFI-based operating system (e.i., Mac OS X v10.5, Linux, Microsoft Windows Vista, Solaris, etc.) in native mode without the need for any virtualization software. Before the introduction of the EFI-X(TM) module, it was very cumbersome to install EFI-based operating systems on a typical BIOS-based PC; now, with EFI-X(TM), it's a matter of introducing the original factory DVD with the operating system, waiting a few minutes, and the user will be able to enjoy the operating systems of his choice.

The EFI-X(TM) is designed to allow easily installation of almost any operating system. From legacy BIOS operating systems like Windows XP to EFI-based setups like Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and Linux, the EFI-X(TM) module handles them all. The process is seamless and non-intrusive. This means there's no emulation layer of any kind, and the host operating system interacts with the PC's hardware directly. With the EFI-X(TM) module, users don't have to patch their original operating systems nor do they have to worry about crippling their setup due to a system update from the operating system manufacturer.

The EFI-X(TM) module has been developed for more than two years in Europe. Its software code is proprietary of Art Studio Entertainment Media and was developed internally by the company. Today, the EFI-X(TM) module is made in Holland with the highest quality standards. When asked how the EFI-X(TM) idea was born, Davide Rutigliano, CEO of Art Studio Entertainment Media said..."we wanted to fill a niche that nobody ever explored. The boot time of our PCs... Everyone focuses on what we do "after" the OS is loaded, but very few imagine how many things you can do at boot to enhance and ease our work on any OS." Rutigliano responded when asked about the target audience for the product..."We address our products to an audience of overclockers, computer experts, people that love fiddling with their hand-picked hardware, and people that realize that the more expert you are about IT, the better your work, whatever it is, will be."

Since its conception, the EFI-X(TM) module has been designed to go in the same direction as the other computer manufacturers in the market, and never against them. EFI-X(TM) has nothing to do with the "hackintosh" community and complies with the guidelines of the computer industry. Art Studio Entertainment Media is an independent company with no links to Apple Inc., Microsoft, or any other computer or software manufacturer. The company doesn't support piracy and encourages all its users to buy original and legal copies of operating systems. In the case of Apple's Mac OS X, its EULA (End User License Agreement) is not violated by the EFI-X(TM) module since the product is sold separately from a PC, and it arrives to the customer's hands with no operating system associated with it. The end user buys a legal copy of the operating system(s) that he chooses to install on his desktop PC.

When asked about the potential legal implications of the product, Rutigliano said..."We take to court whoever sells our modules bundled with a PC - and we are very aggressive about it. Our distributors sign a contract that prohibits them from selling PCs bundled with our modules." He also added..."It is possible that we will go to court with Apple, but most likely "supporting" them, in case we ever find out that someone is selling PCs with our module installed. Selling a computer that can boot OS X is a unique right that only Apple has. And we enforce it."

The EFI-X(TM) module is not an OS X "enabler" but rather a device that allows users to choose between BIOS-based and EFI-based operating system at will. There are several EFI-based operating systems currently available in the market that take advantage of the superior EFI firmware specifications over the limited 25-year-old BIOS. Apple Mac OS X v10.5, Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Vista 64-bit Edition, and Linux are all EFI-based operating systems supported by EFI-X(TM) besides the traditional BIOS-based ones such as Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit, and Windows Vista 32-bit.

Prices and Availability:
The EFI-X(TM) module is readily available since September 2008 and can be bought through distributors in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.


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Art Studios Entertainment Media was founded in 1998 by Wilhelm von Vnukov in Germany. The company is an independent developer of interactive software, IT-hardware solutions & Design. Its vision is to develop & create new, world-class solutions in IT and media industry. M&M Investments LLC, a Florida company, dba EFI-X(TM) North America and EFI-X(TM) Latin America, is the exclusive marketing representative agent for Art Studio Entertainment Media for the marketing of the product in the Americas region.


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