Press Release iWeb Themes Park Raises the Standard of Quality with New Templates May 23, 2012 in iWeb iWeb Themes Park is thrilled to present new iWeb Themes developed exclusively for Apple's web creation software. The updated collection now features 170 iWeb Themes in total. 5 new templates have been added, including "Dance", "Desert", "Splash", "Robotics" and "Technical". iWeb templates offer a great way for anyone to build their personal website. All templates are available individually or as a complete set in the "iWeb Themes Box" package. [] Kaunas, Lithuania - iWeb Themes Park is thrilled to present new iWeb Themes to their fans and all iWeb users once again. The updated collection on the company's website now contains 170 iWeb Themes in total. 5 new iWeb Templates - "Dance", "Desert", "Splash", "Robotics" and "Technical" - have been added to the collection. iWeb is Apple's web creation software and its templates are a great start for building personal websites. Templates by iWeb Themes Park are well known for their originality, high quality and easy adaptation. With exceptional features and attention to details, all the bits of design and compatibility are well thought out. Templates are available individually or offered as a set in the "iWeb Themes Box" package, which is a choice of many iWeb users worldwide. New Themes are full of exciting elements and exceptional details. "Dance" theme is perfect for the individual websites of outgoing personalities and small businesses like dancing classes. The eye-catching design of "Desert" template is suitable for action websites, including personal adventures, wildlife photography, life in exotic countries and other themes. The remaining new templates are heading for a completely different direction. "Robotics" and "Technical" offer some futuristic elements and perfect for science fiction, technology or engineering fans. "Splash" template is very abstract and suits well for presenting your art or design work. Its memorable color distinguishes it from alternative websites. iWeb Themes from iWeb Themes Park are easy to use and modify. Most of the pictures are placed in the placeholders and can be replaced with your own photos by an easy drag-and-drop move. The design is made of separate elements and every detail can be deleted, replaced, resized or colored otherwise. There are many widgets to choose from and all of them help to make sure your websites look unique and amazing. To use iWeb Themes from iWeb Themes Park requires just a Mac with iWeb from iLife '09 or later. Pricing and Availability: iWeb Themes Box, including 170 iWeb themes, is available for $29.99. The price of a single template starts from $11.99. Six iWeb Themes are free for everyone to try them out. A group of creative Apple Macintosh professionals founded iWeb Themes Park Company in Kaunas, Lithuania. was launched in 2009 with the goal of creating exciting and fun add-ons for Apple's iWeb. The main feature of products from iWeb Themes Park is quality in several meanings. For more information visit our company's website. Copyright 2009-2012 iWeb Themes Park. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iLife, iWeb are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. ### Eugenijus Valinskas Marketing Manager +37063344430 Lithuania