Focusbar 1.3 now with support

May 28, 2012 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Warsaw, Poland - Focusbar has been around for nearly a year now - it never aimed to be an ambitious todo/task-tracking productivity application, rather a discreet helper, sitting around, ready to give you a friendly nudge, reminding you what you should really be working on at the moment. What is worth mentioning, Focusbar remains free!

Recently, at Macoscope, we've started using for transparently tracking and sharing what we've accomplished. Immediately it struck us, that although Focusbar is not a task-tracking application, it knows what we are working on and we've armed it with very simple feature "Send to". When chosen, Focusbar prepares a ready-to-send email with all the activities you've managed to accomplish during the day - with one click it will submit the data to your account - you don't have to track activities individually and then enter them manually to your iDoneThis daily email or calendar - Focusbar will take care of that.

Bu why should i use Focusbar?

It's simple...
Just press 'start activity', type your task and press enter. Focusbar will show up on your screen from time to time, reminding you that it's time to work on what you've planned.

It's smart...
Every time you switch to another window, Focusbar will show up - in case you want to check your Facebook account or spend two hours on Tumblr. It's like a little pat on your shoulder which says - you silly, silly procrastinator, I know what you're doing. Stop it and get back to work.

It's super effective!
The effects of using such a simple tool are really surprising - when you focus on just one item, you accomplish it much faster than you would have if you'd allowed yourself to be distracted or tried to multi-task. It's really amazing how fast you can get something done if you focus. With Focusbar, of course.

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