FastReport.Mono: Cross-Platform Report Generator for Xamarin Mono

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[] Based in Alexandria - Xamarin Mono media is broadly used by software developers but so far it was practically deprived of a convenient method for data structuring and representation. Now thanks to the Fast Reports company that has released into the market a fast and compact reports generator FastReport.Mono, developers in Xamarin Mono media has gained an opportunity to use the whole weaponry of tools to form and visualize reports familiar due to other products of the company.

In particular, FastReport.Mono can be adjusted and adapted to any user's requirements. Such a flexibility is due to the open code usage, availability of reports visual designer and expanding program architecture, which in its turn allows linking additional objects and functions. The generator is definitely providing a possibility to get a report in any form required, whether its is a screen display, printing or exporting into a wide number of formats. More details on the program functional range is to be found on our website.

In addition, FastReport.Mono supports all main OS (MS Windows, Linux, MacOS), thus, there is no need using virtual machines or installing the applicable OS.

According to Fast Reports Director General, Michael Philippenko, the main focus in operation is made on the cross-platform functionality of applications: "We live in a multipolar world. This also refers to the operational systems used by business-users requiring support from programmers". Therefore, creating a product complying with these requirements allows to reduce to time consumed for programming as well as providing an end user with the tools not limited to one platform.

Fast Reports Inc. was founded in 1998 and presently is a leader in the market of modern program products for reports generation. Overseas branches of the company are located in Europe, America and Africa; while the products have localization into over 40 languages. The key product of the company is FastReport, offering a highly efficient set of components for generating reports for Delphi, .Net, C Builder and RAD Studio.