Faber Acoustical updates SignalScope Pro to 2.1

February 11, 2009 in Music and Recording (E)

[prMac.com] Santaquin, Utah - Faber Acoustical today introduced version 2.1 of the award-winning SignalScope and SignalScope Pro real-time signal analysis software. This significant update makes it more intuitive to work with available input and output signals, bringing SignalScope's analysis tools up to par with their counterparts in Faber Acoustical's most advanced analysis software tool, Electroacoustics Toolbox.

SignalScope now benefits from more intuitive input channel selection, preserving settings for unaffected channels when the selection changes. New conveniences include up and down autoscaling and the ability to affect multiple channel settings simultaneously.

SignalScope Pro adds a new Meter Bridge tool, which functions like a multi-channel sound level meter. The Signal Generator tool also adds the ability to process, or filter, its output channels with up to three Audio Unit effects plug-ins, and it can stream its output channels to WAVE or AIFF audio files. Both products receive numerous bug fixes and stability enhancements in this update.

Pricing and Availability:
SignalScope 2.1 costs $99 (USD) and SignalScope Pro can be licensed for $249 (USD). Licensed users of previous versions of SignalScope can upgrade to SignalScope 2 for $59, or to SignalScope Pro 2 for $189. Licensed users of previous versions of SignalScope Pro can upgrade to version 2 for $129. For both apps, version 2.1 is a free update from version 2.0. Special education pricing is available. Both products require Mac OS X, version 10.4 or later.

Faber Acoustical Services and Technologies provides cost effective tools for acoustical instrumentation, analysis, and education. Faber Acoustical's expertise include acoustical measurements, active noise control (sometimes referred to as active noise cancellation or ANC), mixed-signal circuit design, digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive filtering, and embedded DSP and desktop software design.