New Report Helps Mac Owners Create Their Own Stimulus Package

February 12, 2009 in Tips and How To (E)

[] Ozark, Mo/United States - With billions of dollars flowing into state coffers to create a stimulus program, the average Mac user wonders if any of the dough will come knocking at their door. Not to worry, Macinfoprenuer, Millard Grubb, has released a 144 page special report showing Mac users worldwide how to turn their Macs into a cash register.

Well, maybe not a cash register, (I thought I was in Washington), but a tool to help make their business dreams come true.

"With all the talk about stimulus packages, I thought I'd do my part to create a stimulus package for Mac owners," enthused Grubb.

Millard has been a Macintosh owner since the mid-eighties and used his Mac to run his business ever since. With each new software release from Apple, you'll find Millard thinking up new ways to create cashflow with a Mac. His report, "Confessions of a Diehard Mac Entreprenuer," is 144 pages chock-full of tips, techniques, and methods to use the software loaded into the Mac to make cash.

Millard is no stranger to the business world with four books under his belt as well as numerous other products for several industries that he has created with his trusty Mac.

"With just a little creativity you can either stay home behind your desk and create something people want or you can talk to folks and create something," claims Grubb.

It doesn't matter if you can't talk your way out of a paper bag or creativity was given to the OTHER side of the family, using the Mac to create information products that people want is what this report is all about. Although you won't find out how to run iMovie step by step, there is plenty of detail for a number of projects that even a rank tyro would be able to complete one of the business-producing assignments in the report.

For everything you get, Millard is almost giving away this report. He says he wants Mac owners to "get excited" about having a business. If you don't see much in the way of the much-hyped stimulus plan, here's a report that'll make you sit up an pay attention.

Millard Grubb is owner of Backyard Gazette Publishing. His company provides easy to use materials for business owners to find hidden assets right under their noses. Backyard Gazette Publishing is located in the midwest and gives its customers practical, down-to-earth information they can use immediately.