Battery Guru 1.0 Free for OS X: Battery Life Monitoring and Optimization

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[] Breckenridge, Colorado - Mac OS X File Recovery today is pleased to introduce Battery Guru 1.0 free for OS X, their Mac battery status utility application that sits in the Mac menu bar and displays advanced information about the current state of the device's battery. Battery Guru will monitor and present real-time information on exactly how many milliamps, a unit of electrical current, a battery is using at any given moment and display it in the menu bar, allowing users to monitor battery life and manage applications that may be draining the battery. Displaying the current battery capacity, the number of times a battery has been discharged and recharged, the date a battery was manufactured, exact battery temperature, and an accurate percentage of the current charge of a battery, Battery Guru give users precise information to better manage and optimize battery life.

In today's mobile society, people rely on the portability of their computers. Running out of battery power on your computer can be a frustrating experience. Battery Guru will monitor and present current information on exactly how many milliamps a battery is using at any given moment and display it in the menu bar. This allows users to keep an eye on power consumption and close unnecessary pages or applications that are draining the battery.

Feature Highlights:
* Precise information to better manage and optimize battery life
* View current battery capacity and milliamps usage
* Easily identify and manage battery-draining applications
* Tools help optimize battery life
* Access important battery information to optimize system usage
* Information on number of recharges and manufacturing date

When using a computer, the amount of time a user has until the battery runs out varies drastically. The reason a battery sometimes drains quickly is usually due to one of two variables. Sometimes an app that is not even in use will remain in the background constantly using 100% of one processor core and draining the battery. Having a Flash application open in a tab is a common cause of this phenomenon. Secondly, a MacBook Pro comes with two graphics cards: one that uses little power, and one that is much more powerful and uses significantly more power. If a user is running OS Lion on a more recent MacBook Pro, the OS will automatically switch between the two. However, occasionally an app or a webpage will remain open, holding the power-hungry graphics card open, and unnecessarily draining the battery charge.

Battery Guru also provides a secondary but equally important function. By providing information that users do not usually have access to, this app gives users the tools to optimize their battery life and function. It will show the current battery capacity compared to the capacity it had when it was new. It also provides information on the number of times a battery has been discharged and recharged, the date a battery was manufactured, and the exact battery temperature. Battery Guru's information on current battery charge is a more exact percentage than provided by the operating system, giving users accurate and actionable battery information.

Each computer comes with a "Smart Battery," that actually already knows battery information and holds it internally. Battery Guru is the means of accessing this relevant information, allowing monitoring of the current battery state and awareness of the functioning of the computer system. Users may set Battery Guru to start automatically at login, providing a seamless interface with the computer system.

"Never be caught without battery power again," stated Mac OS X File Recovery CEO, Ben Slaney. "Battery Guru is the battery monitoring system you can't live without!"

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later
* 0.37 MB
* Mac notebook computer

Pricing and Availability:
Battery Guru 1.0 is free and available from the Mac OS X File Recovery website.

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