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[prMac.com] Omer, Israel - Polishop, the largest Direct Marketing company in South America, is launching its mobile e-commerce application this week. True to its reputation of an innovative company, Polishop goes beyond an improved version of their mobile site.

Polishop has partnered with video recognition company TvTak to turn the application into a true virtual store which lets users order a product they see in a demo video or commercial. Redefining window-shopping for Polishop customers.

"What I love about Polishop is that their products are easy to buy, by phone, on the Internet or in their stores," tells a happy customer. She's about to get happier with the Polishop app that lets her buy a product from a video, in a single click.

Polishop, the largest multichannel company in the world, has built a reputation of serving its customers wherever they are. When a customer drives down to a Polishop store or dials on his phone watching an infomercial at home, the promise is the same: see the product work and order it fast.

Starting this week, customers can now order through the Polishop app in just a click, watching television at any Polishop store or in their living room (even when the store is closed!). TvTak makes it easy to connect the 120 hours of demo videos that Polishop displays on all TV channels every day to the corresponding product page, so that viewers can buy it in a click. Whether they are watching the product on an infomercial at home or on one of the many screens installed in each of the Polishop stores across the country.

"Offering our customers to interact with our Press Release - TvTak - TvTak.com 2 videos in a snap allows us to serve our customers ever more closely by creating the first truly 24-hour shop", explains Polishop Head of e-commerce Felipe Brasil, "and with one new store opening every 17 days, the opportunity is huge." The greatest advance in Direct Response television advertising since inception For the consumer, it means ever simpler access to Polishop's wealth of products that are otherwise hard to find. For Polishop, it reinforced the core of the retailer's values that allowed it to become the largest multichannel company: innovation and ubiquity in serving its clients. But more importantly this marks a turning point in the Direct Response industry.

From its beginning Direct Response advertisement has grown and thrived based on the ingenuous idea of using the commercial to convey information on how to directly purchase a product. Yet the interaction has largely remained static and cumbersome for viewers, forcing upon them a distracting phone number on every product they do not care about, and letting them fight against time to dial-in the products they do want to buy. With the Polishop launch, TvTak redefines the rules of Direct Response advertising and impulse purchase.

Using TvTak, Polishop and its followers now have an elegant solution. They can put their entire inventory within immediate reach of their consumers; it's all just one click away, anytime they watch one of their videos, anywhere. Even when the store is closed.

Located in Omer, Israel, TvTak is an innovative platform for instant interaction on television shows, games and commercials. TvTak makes every television interactive. Viewers point their smartphone or tablet at their television screen, TvTak identifies the program in a second and allows viewers to interact instantly. TvTak is available on iOS and Android and works on any television set using unique patent-pending video recognition algorithms. Copyright (C) 2012 TvTak. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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